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Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA


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Steve and Amos. At the rate us old duffers are giving you the many years worth of infinite wisdom, you won't have to do ANY rigging at all. Just swing your vehicle around, back down the ramp, hit the brakes, and she'll slide right in, already fully rigged and ready to go. Oh, one more thing. Don't forget to tie the boat to something first.

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Once, I did a poor job of tying the boat to the trailer.  I backed the boat into the water, hit the brakes sharply (to launch it), and watched my 17’ bass boat slowly float away.  The good news was that there were no other boaters around to witness my embarrassment.  The bad news was that there were no other boaters around to retrieve my boat!  I had to go for a swim.  So, Chick is right about tying iff to something.

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   Actually, the way he's holding it shows that it's more of a bowsprit than a mast.  Masts point in another direction (when things are going right).

   If he starts to get too big for his britches cause he can carry that big bowsprit around hand it to him again and pick him up while he's holding it.  That'll re-establish the pecking order. :)

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Good advice Ken!  I might actually be strong enough to lift both of them up with my new muscles developed from hours and hours of sanding.



Recent progress:  mizzen mast rest fiberglassed and installed . . .







. . . and after some sanding, fairing fiberglass edges, and more sanding, a coat of epoxy was laid down in the cockpit.







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I need to catch up on pictures; here goes:



Masking off the waterline.




Rolling and tipping the Awlgrip.





Topside painted with Devthane 379.








Successful landing.





Installed the keel rollers.





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