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Okay. I lied to everyone. I am going to do crack, er, I mean work on the boat today.  :P I stitched up the stems, which I'll finish with the whip stitchy deal after the soldering iron warms up and I can trim the cloth.

Aside from a few deck wrinkles, I won't have to iron at all, and there are only two or three minor pull holes.

I really do have grown up stuff for a few days, but I hope to get the coaming sewn in by the weekend.





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Sew. You want to be a coaming, huh? You know the drill!


I ran about 30 miles this weekend, then worked more on the area that will be a garden while I waited for the glue on the lip to dry.

Then I unclamped my coaming, gave it a quick once over, and marked the holes.


I just may get this thing sewed up tomorrow.


Yeah, right...


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Thank you. I have this habit of building boats and giving them away to people. This type of boat has a short list, like a lapstrake cedar canoe...

I like the style so much, though, I've decided to build one of my own.

Firefly? Longshot?

After vacation, I'll decide and get started.

I'll post a few more photos as I finish painting and outfitting.

I will float it in grandma's pool, then, off to the lake for 10 days of hard use...

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I don't know that it's the best picture, but it's mostly done. I'm going to rig it minimally, with latigo, antler, and ash. I may go camo, too, for giggles.

This is one coat of thinned paint, two coats of full strength. Debating if last coat will be brown or camo, meanwhile I'll bake her in the sun a bit.




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While I do like longer pointier swifter and rolly-er kayaks ;) I don't overlook the usefulness of these types of 'yaks either. They are like dang near perfect camp boats...one you keep handy to actually DO stuff in, like fishing, hauling a pck-a-nick basket to the other side of the lake with yer sweetheart ;), hauling a bit of groceries back to camp or whatnot. When it is all said and done, a boat like this actually sees more use than other, lower volume performance sea kayaks. Lighter to load than most canoes, and while not an 18', 19" beam Greenland, they aren't exactly slow either  What's not to like?  :D


 A.T., you put that together smartly. Nice.

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Thank you, Ekapi.


Honestly, I built this boat on a lark, because I got a smart phone with internet. I found the free plans and bit. Thanks again, Jeff.

That said, I think this is one of the prettiest short boats I've ever seen. Thanks again, Jeff.


This boat is ideal for a certain bass pond I know of...but I will build a longer Kudzu boat for myself.


Also, I try not to put anything non-Kudzu related on here, but I enjoy the rolly boats...  :D

Six years ago I ruptured a lumbar disc, though, so my layback roll ain't what it once was.


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