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  1. You have done a beautiful job on her. Can't wait to see it covered. Great work.
  2. Looks great on the water and out of the water. Wish I had known, I'd been there to watch. Howard Amon park is beautiful. Don't get there often. Congratulations on the launch.
  3. Azucha, I'm excited to watch you build. Glad you are here and don't hesitate to post lots of pictures. Recycled wood is good. I used recycled red wood from my deck to build pipes for a crank organ I built. I used recycled wood for my stringer for my curlew are from wood I stole from a quilting frame my mother-in-law had. I stored the wood for years for her, when she passed away I decided to use it. Now my wife has started quilting...... she just discovered the other day the wood was gone.... not too happy!!
  4. BEAUTIFUL!! I like the look so much, I forgive the purple! You did a super job.
  5. Congrats on another great build, Lisa. I too love the paint job. Very unique. What is your next boat?
  6. She looks great on the water. Very nice build. Looks like a beautiful lake also. hope you are not near all the fires!
  7. Turned out very good looking. Don't delay the launch long, it is going to get chilly around here pretty soon!
  8. Beautiful pictures, Lisa. Thanks for posting them. The second to the last belongs on Jeff's site. I would sell a lot of plan for that boat.
  9. Congratulations on the launch. Great looking kayak. Be safe, have fun.
  10. Congrats, really looks great. I love the stitching on the front. Very nice touch.
  11. Hey, yes I hope all is okay. I miss the Lisa enthusiasm. Been a while since there has been an update.
  12. Well golly, I have an inflatable kayak and an inflatable raft. I didn't even realize it was something to be embarressed about!! I take it with me a lot, because it takes up so little space in the back of my pickup. Feels good to come out of the closet!!
  13. His first book got me through my curlew build. From drawing the offset to the finish.
  14. Some beautiful kayaking. Do people live in those houses year round or are they summer cabins?
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