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FreeB update

Action Tiger

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I've used both  54lb test braided polyester catfish line and artificial sinew.....and had great results with both.  If I had to choose, I would say I liked the sinew better because when pulling the stitch tight, I feel like it held its tension within the fabric better....I didn't have to use the hemostats as much as when I used the braided polyester fishing line.

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Take that, football! 

I have been building that futon/couch frame in the background.

My coaming stock is soaking for the big steam.

I still have to lash in the ash floorboards, to match the coaming, don't you know.


Jeff, you ain't lying about this recycled stuff being like canvas. I'm tempted to mount and size some to paint on!

this FreeB is a pretty boat...


Did I mention it's 105 and there is a huge fire up the road a piece?




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Sorry the pictures are sideways. I'm just happy they're up!

My soak tank sprung a leak, so my coamings dried out. I fixed it and put them back in to soak. Always make a spare in case one breaks while you're steaming...

I will steam them in a few days, when I dig my steamer out of wherever it still is.

Moving is funny because you find as much as you lose.

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Well, I had to "work" this week. Half marathon last Saturday, track meet yesterday. 

I dug out my steamer and steam box, though.

To clarify, this boat was a lark, not a mission. Still, I WILL be paddling it on our fall vacation. 10 whole days of canoes, sailboats, trail running, and s'mores!


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I mean the skirt lip scarfs. I cut the coaming scarfs one at a time after steaming.

The skirt lip scarfs I cut in advance.

Because of the numerous layers to a combing I just butt joined the strips and made sure none were near another in a different layer.  With 4 layers of combing and 3 layers of lip it comes out more than strong enough using Maple.  It will vary with other woods.

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I just used one layer for the coaming, and one square layer for the lip. The kids did not believe wood could be bent that way with just steam. I glued the scarf on the coaming with twopoxy because it is a little short, and why not? I'll glue the lip to the coaming with regular old squirt glue.

On more traditional boats, I've simply cut a looong scarf, and sewn the lip to the coaming. That and the skin stitches held the scarf closed. That's a lot of holes to drill though.

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Ta. Da. I have to take a break for a few days, but then it's just stems and coaming. This is a pretty boat, Jeff.

This is un-ironed recycled poly. Once I stitch the stems and spring in the coaming, I will have very few wrinkles.

The two cord stitch is new to me, but I will never use anything else...



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