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  1. Rod, Did you make your boat cover? It looks great! Roger
  2. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kisting. Looks like you need to scale down your CS20 to about 2" to the foot and build a 40" cradle. Your little one will be sailing in her Daddy's dreams in no time... :grin:
  3. Hi Steve, I've been following your build with interest. One question about using Peel-Ply, Can you re-use the peel-ply fabric? I have seen it listed for sale on-line and the price was almost the same as 6oz fiberglass cloth. :shock:
  4. Hi Robert, Welcome to the forum... I sent you an PM with contact info... get in touch when you can... Roger
  5. Do a search on Duckworks Magazine.com. They ran a couple of "how-to" articles a year or so back. The process looked easy enough for the amateur to handle with ease.
  6. Port and Starboard... port is on the left looking ahead, starboard is to the right. Welcome to the forum!
  7. So, Is it really a customized CS20? It looks a little top heavy.
  8. Hi Charlie, I think you meant to type Gulfport Mississippi, not Texas. I guess it's hard to tell from the water. :drinking: Have fun on your trip and keep us informed of your adventures...
  9. Do you mean the electric-start Passport? That's a classic! No, I was referring to the Suzuki C 90 boulevard street cruiser.(1500cc's)
  10. Congrats on the new "build project". I'll toss in the nick name "Bobber" It could go male or female, boater or biker... I saw your Suzuki in the photo. I ride a C-90 myself. Great bike,great boat (CS) Roger
  11. Hi Greg, The height is about the same as the overall width. IE: Max size would be about 20'wide x 20' tall x total length available if you used 20' material.
  12. Hi Greg, Google Stimpson Marine... They sell plans for a really cool "Bow Roof Shed" that can handle the snow loads in Maine. I bought the plans to build one in my back yard. The plans are adjustable for up to 24' wide by as long as you care to make it. If you line the inside as well as the outside with plastic, it becomes an insulated enclosure that is easy to keep warm in the winter. Roger
  13. Hi Mike, Your work is outstanding. I wish I could have just a bit of your talent. A quick question... What material are you planning to use for your windows? Thanks for showing us your project. Roger
  14. Hi Bruce, We had the same kind of boats on the back bay in Biloxi, Mississippi. That is what my brother had in mind when he asked me for help with his project. He will be fishing for Speckled Trout and looking for secluded spots to throw his cast net for Shrimp and Mullet. He could make the boat go forward easy enough, it was reverse he was looking for help on. PS His boat is actually 12' long, not 14'. Roger
  15. Thanks PAR, I'll send my brother a copy of your post. He has a small engine repair shop close to where he works. I'm sure he will be able to figure out how to make it all work with your advise. Thanks again for your help. I'll keep you posted with his progress as he sends me updates and pictures. Roger
  16. "One of the biggest hurtles to over come are the limitations of the lawn mower engine. Most small engines of this type are L head designs with suction carbs and oil slinger lubrication. This means it really can't live on much of an angle before it dies a smoky, oil starved death. The angle is necessary for the shaft to stick out he bottom of the boat." We never thought about the mounting angle starving the motor of oil. My brother has a motor on hand and does not want to buy an outboard. If he sets the motor more or less level and runs a belt and pully to the shaft assembly set at an angle, he should be ok. The boat will be used on the Biloxi back bay and the connecting rivers. Very sheltered waters. No desire to go fast. In fact, he wished for a small diesel pulling a large prop real slow... but he had the lawnmower motor at hand. We were looking for help "making a set of pulleys spin backward" as you said. Having never seen this arrangment, We thought we would ask for a little help. Thanks anyway Roger
  17. Hi Everyone, My brother asked me how to install a horz.shaft 6HP lawnmower engine into a 14' wooden fishing boat as inboard power with F-N-R control. I'm a sailing guy and don't know anything about power boats. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to "Transmission building" with belts and pulleys? Do you know of any links to help out a couple of powerboat dummies? Thanks, Roger
  18. Par, Thanks for the Router table fence detail. Much simpler than I made it in my minds eye. I think I'll give it a try this afternoon when I get home from work. I have a Selway-Fisher Waterman canoe I built a few years ago with a soild mast and I have been wanting to make a birdsmouth mast for it for a long time. I just bought a new Table saw (Steel City Hybrid) and have been thinking about using it for the birdsmouth mast but I'm a little scared of it. I removed my right thumb on a tablesaw about 25 years ago and it's taken me awhile to cowboy up. I've been using hand saws and jig saws to build boats with but with a home remodel project looming, I really needed a table saw. The worst part is the ZZZINGGG sound when I make a short cut.... Anyway, Thanks for another way to get the job done in case I "chicken-out" with the table saw. Roger
  19. "I've been using a router table and a V shaped fence for several years now, and it's a much easier method to control." Hi Par, Could you show us a picture of your V-shaped fence? I have already completed my mast but would like to see your fence so I can build a birdsmouth mast for my next project.
  20. "And by the way- I turned 68 last Saturday, so don't worry too much about "getting older" There will be sailors doing the 200 that are older than I am." Well Then... Happy Birthday, Charlie! I hope to meet you and the rest of the Texas gang this year at the Texas 200.
  21. Thanks, Charlie. I'll look into the Gamin 72 today. My brother has a hand held VHF radio that he will bring but I need to get my own as well. Chuck Leinweber over at Duckworks suggested I look for "TOP SPOT" fishing maps for an economical source for the Texas 200 charts. Next Question...Will an outboard motor be required? I would rather use an "Ash Breeze" but I'm gettin older now and don't know if I could row 20+ miles at one time. I have a 1947 Gale 3HP outboard I could use but although it's cool, It smokes and stinks and I would rather not use it if I can get by without it. Thanks again for your responses, Roger
  22. I plan to have my CS-17 ready for the trip this year. I hope to get a seat on the bus but IIRC, the tickets won't be available to those didn't go last year until after Feb 01. Taking 2 cars from Fort Worth might make the trip over budget for me. I have Two guys that want to crew, one from Fort Worth and my brother, from Biloxi Mississippi. He's got a long trip as well. Roger
  23. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I think I'll go with the Ritchie Voyager. Thanks Peter for the picture of your set-up. I had not thought about placing the compass where you did but I must say I really like the results. With a little larger compass for me ( I have less than perfect eyesight), I think your location will be perfect. Any suggestions for a low cost GPS? I really don't know anything about them. I can budget about $150 for one. Thanks, Roger
  24. I am getting close to finishing my CS-17 and have a question regarding compass placement. I was thinking of mounting a compass in the center thwart. Will the aluminium mast effect the compass heading? Where does an experienced sailor mount his compass? I plan on entering the Texas 200 this year and will need a compass and charts as well. Any ideas on the most bang for the buck on a new compass? Also, Where can I find charts for the Texas 200? Thanks for any info... Roger
  25. Just a quick note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'll be on vacation the next 2 weeks (working on the boat) and away from the computer. I'm trying to finish my 5 year project CS17. I hope to enter the texas 200 in June. I figure if I set a deadline, I might actually finish the boat. ;D Again, Happy Holidays to all and best wishes for the new year.
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