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  1. Got the Lindsey repaired enough to haul her over to Florida for the BEER Cruise in June. Still nothing on Tehani- Mast is down on saw horses here at house. Back doing fairly well- just using a walking stick now. But have dr's appt next friday to look at shoulders. Probably gonna need surgery- Getting old ain't for sissys
  2. a quite simple way to make epoxy fillets slick and smooth is to dip your gloved finger into regular rubbing alcohol and smooth while still wet You DO wear gloves don''t you?
  3. You should have stopped and said hello- I'm 5 blocks off the beach
  4. I really can't recall if I've posted this here before, so here it is. On Duckworks Magazine is a 5 partt article of my build of a MiniPaw Hope you enjoy. Here's a link to part one- http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/13/projects/dinghy2/index1.htm#.XMcrGth7m70
  5. a shock for sure. Much knowledge gone there.
  6. LOL ,Oyster- I retired years ago. Hey, last birthday I turned 78! Haven't been able to do much sailing since I hurt my back. Injured it on a sailboat delivery down to Mexico. Gertting better slowly, so maybe can repair the baoat soon. AND I bought back a Lindsey 21 I've owned twice before. It has some damage also. Last trip I did was a singlehand one- 3 months, here in Texas to Florida and return. Good to see you still posting
  7. Thank you sir. It's not been a really fun time. lots of bad stuff. But improving.
  8. Just reset the password, and got logged in, Read about PAR- what a loss :( Hope all else are doing ok Had back surgery,, and had hurricane damage to Tehani- not major, but back getting well precluded repairs.Hoping very soon
  9. don't know- got the pic off the web. Uh- what wife???
  10. Hey guy- been a long long time.. Yeah, still kicking.. Turned 76 a couple weeks ago. Back fusses at me now, but still have the sailboat, and still sail her. Not as often as in the past, but keeping on How's things at your house?
  11. Lefty Kreh famous fly fisherman and teacher
  12. well, and also Lefty's Deceivers
  13. JUST saw this post. Used to fly fish fresh water a lot, but not in years. I now fly fish exclusively in salt, for red drum and sea trout. One of my favorites is the Clouser minnow, in various colors. Here in pink
  14. Greg, it was so still, you could see details of the engine, up in the motor well in the reflection. And you know my house- it's an A-Frame.. No place to HANG a picture
  15. OK, one last entry. Here's a shot of Tehani just off the ICW on a trip down to Port Aransas.
  16. Wind is a great film, if you cut to the scenes of the I 14's sailing
  17. Amazing. I have some here JUST like those. Must have a wide territory
  18. I kinda like B and B Yacht Designs for epoxy and hardware
  19. well, it's a kind of floppy boat- has a ply floor. Would last for a while I suppose The kids raced them against one another and I didn't notice much slewing around The stuff we used was donated by the company, since it was for school kids Picture of one partially assembled
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