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Core Sound 20 Mark III #16 "Dawn Patrol"


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That hatch is really nice. I like how you can still have the dodger, solar panel and have the IMHO superior sliding hatch. My kids love to hang their feet in the cabin sitting forward on the cabin top and I like to sand up their captive like a tank commander on the lookout while someone else is at the helm. Well done. 


Take Care,


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Boat building  --every choice has pros and cons, everything is an experiment. Here's 2 photos of the hatch parts sliding in graphite-epoxy tracks based on 'research and copy':  I have a huge collection of photos/videos ... of  other boats; such as,  > 200 images from "Carlita", 126 from "Skeena", 60 from "Larissa",  etc.  . . . .   

I appreciate your posted photos and videos!  





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