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  1. SkinnyGenes and XL Genes: a photo of their classic Thistle (photo by Scott Taylor in Clubfoot Creek)
  2. From NCC manager Britt Isaac Beda: The first finishers are in! SkinnyGenes and XL Genes finished in 19 hours 10 minutes HeavilyLaden finished in 21 hours 16 minutes. Chief and SOS finished at ~5:00AM but did not send the SPOT okay message until ~5:30AM (22 hours 27 minutes). MadMothist finished on the beach side at ~5:30AM (22 hours 25 minutes).
  3. SOS and Chief are tacking up Core Sound (as of 8:33pm June 15 2022) as shown on the WaterTribe tracking map. The forecast for tonight is for more favorable wind (from the east).
  4. The start of the NCC 2022
  5. SOS and Chief in the Harlowe Waterway (2:30pm Wednesday June 15, 2022). Chief holding the oars.
  6. Jason, Thanks for the photos! Dawn and I enjoyed meeting you and sailing and talking with you. Hope we see you at the next B&B Mess-About. --Paul
  7. Graham, Carla and Beth, thanks for another great B&B Mess-About. Loved the bluegrass band. Randy and Bobby, thanks for the hospitality, grits and chili! Here is the YouTube video of the self-righting demonstration / test....
  8. Photos from the Mess-About: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/113865436285908252232/albums/5942099439537792657 A video from the Mess-About: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRKwfR_nN6c
  9. Team B&B / Team Kruger arrived at the finish line, the boat ramp at Ft. DeSoto, at 12:12pm Monday 26th on a NW breeze of 8-10 kts. SandyBottom and SOS greatly appreciated seeing everyone who came out to meet them. As you can see in the photo below, they were very happy to finish the circumnavigation. Monday afternoon: celebrated, trailered boats, dinner, slept in real beds all night. Tuesday: drove 12 hrs back to Chapel Hill, NC. Wednesday: cleaning gear at home, and back to work. Photos below... 1. Arrival at Cedar Key from the river section (Suwannee Sound, Suwannee River, 40 mile portage, and St Marys River.) 2. Sailing out of Cedar Key towards Tampa Bay 3. Arrival at the finish line at Ft. DeSoto 4. Landing at the finish line. 5. Awards: 3 shark teeth for the first 3 stages, 1 gator tooth for the portage, 1 whale tail carving for finishing the Ultimate Florida Challenge. Details at sailnaway.blogspot.com and sandybottomkayaker.blogspot.com --Paul
  10. Follow Team B&B and the "Mosquito" here... http://sailnaway.blogspot.com/ http://sandybottomkayaker.blogspot.com/ http://watertribe.org/forums/ http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0m4AJnDnce1DRhnKfZ6B2vvmUvSfDsKzo --Paul
  11. Team B&B (SandyBottom and SOS) left Ft. Desoto at 10am on Monday and have now reached Key Largo (finish line for the EC) at 8:00pm on Thursday. The "Mosquito" trimaran was fully reefed almost the entire way due to high winds this year in the EC. The EC is the first leg of their adventure race circumnavigating Florida. --Paul (DancesWithSandyBottom)
  12. Take a ride on the Dawn Patrol. We have a special seat for you just aft of the transom on top of the tiller. Climb aboard.... http://cs20dawnpatro...-to-finish.html
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