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A Thread to Share Interesting Videos


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Yes, I’ve Gotten Into my New Sailing Hobby Through Videos
I really enjoyed some videos recently shared in the B&B Forum.  Perhaps a thread specific to that focus would be enjoyable to others as well.  Feel free to post some links.  I look forward to seeing what people come up with. 


A bit of my own background (if you feel like reading it.) 😁

When I retired in January 2020 and started thinking about buying a sailboat, and quickly turning to the interest in BUILDING one, I began searching the web and watching a few videos I found on small sailboats.  When I somehow stumbled upon B&B Yacht Designs and bought and received plans for the Bay River Skiff, I found that I simply had no idea how to use the plans, nor did I understand the stitch and glue approaches with plywood. My boat-building experience was back  in junior high (8’ Glen-L 3-point hydroplane — in which the step by step directions started with an 8 foot piece of plywood as the base for the whole structure) My next boat build was in high school (a Glen-L 11’ runabout — in which the boat was built upside down on a building form by adding frames, keel/stem/transom, chines, and sheer logs upon which plywood was fit and attached.)  But what in the heck is that stitch and glue thing described in my Bay River Skiff plans?  

Well, NOW I get it, but only because of searching around for videos, especially ones made by Alan Stewart and others on building B&B boats.  I explored the Core Sound designs and quickly stumbled onto the video series Alan produced about building a Core Sound 15.  Now THAT I understand… and I can make the steps happen.  I loved the idea of a pre-cut B&B kit, especially one that had EVERYTHING.  I quickly decided to order it, picking it up from the shop in my van at the end of April.  I stress again: because of viewing (plenty of times) Alan’s video series and a bunch of other similar videos, I was able to successfully build and launch the CS15 in less than 3 months.  (Because of the COVID shut down I needed to wait until late September for sails.)


By the way, in making the Alan-Videos link above, I went to B&B’s web site for the Core Sound 15… and lo and behold, there I am… half way down the page. I made a little (very amateurish) video about how I get my boat ready for sailing, trying to exemplify some of the simplicity of the Core Sound system and some of the little things I came up with.  I guess it got picked up for the CS15 website page:



Once I finished the CS15 build my attention turned to looking for actual sailing videos.  Among the many I stumbled into, I really appreciated Graham (the Designer) suggesting (maybe he made the comment to Don Silsbe) to look for Dinghy Cruising Association videos by Roger Barnes. My two boys had suggested to me their interests in someday camping on or with a sailboat, and maybe it could be done with my new boat, which is what the DCA is about.  Those suggestions got me looking for camp-cruising videos and I’ve found a lot of them.  I haven’t received the latest DCA journal yet, but I understand that Don Silsbe submitted an article about our Dinghy Cruising adventure this summer using Avocet on Traverse Bay, Michigan. 

Tonight, I was watching a video by an Australian fellow who makes some great sail-camping videos with his friends.  This one is entitled: Dinghy Cruising: What They Pay and Why?  While watching it (I like to stream to my TV from my phone… a large screen enhances things) I found myself wondering whether I should start a thread like this one to share this video.  Nah… no B&B boats… maybe not. 

THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN this pops up:


Yes… Paul… I know that guy… and his Core Sound 17!!  Sure, I’ll start a new thread in which people might share sailboat videos that they find interesting. 


When I was building my CS15 I had all kinds of questions about the rigging and how things worked on B&B type boats.  I asked Paul whether he would be willing to give me a tour of his  CS17; he graciously invited me to his house to see his boat. It was a great way to gain some of the clarity I was looking for, and I picked up a bunch of great ideas for my own build. 

So, here’s the video that I watched tonight:

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Apostle Islands — Lake Superior (Wisconsin)


I watched this video this summer.  Some years ago, my younger son and I took a three-day sailboat training class on a 35’ boat from Superior Charters:



We sailed in some of the areas explored in the video below.  I enjoyed seeing the sights and listening to the commentary.   Since we covered a lot of water over the three days many of the places are familiar.  For instance, our overnight was on Stockton Island on the other side of the little isthmus. 


Once, our instructor, a friendly older gentleman with lots of years of sailing, gave my son and me a question sort of like: “Why do I know that when we get to this certain point that the winds and waves will shift and we’ll need to make (some kind of) adjustments in the sail controls?”  We wondered about it and ventured some responses. I LOVED his answer and frequently use it when my son and I are together… Because I’m Captain Dave!“  That was exactly the right answer. 😂

The three-day course allowed us to rent up to a 35’ sailboat at Superior Charters but I just couldn’t make myself pay what is needed for a charter.  I will have to watch this and other Great Lakes videos a few times to bolster my courage to sail in the Apostle Islands area some time with Avocet.


The video is about an hour long.  Enjoy. 



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A Couple Australia Boys Were at it Again

Another nicely done video I watched this summer (Gira Gira and his CS17 is one of the boats).  This video popped up on my YouTube feed this evening. I’ll watch it again when I head to bed. 😁

It’s about 30 minutes  



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Just because I leave for the 2022 Messabout next week, here are three videos I put together on last year’s event:

(I’m not a good video maker but they kinda illustrate elements of the friendly get together.)
Southwest Wisconsin woke up to snow on the ground today. Thought I should check forecasts for this year’s Messabout weekend. Nice!!
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2022 Messabout: as produced by my phone


(I know, the music is rather dramatic. 🙂)


And, I had the little video below pop up on my phone a few days ago. It is from some of my photos and video clips of our Family Camp this summer. We brought my two new red boats, our four kayaks (two were new kid-sized kayaks), my son’s cedar strip canoe, some floaties, and my daughter’s inflatable paddle board out to the Lake DuBay beach.  The red boats are Norma T (my CS15 built in 2020) and Joe (my Glen-L Stiletto design built in 2021-22 from plans that I bought in 1984… no, it isn’t a B&B design BUT I bought the wood for it from B&B.)  


This was the first time we tried skiing behind Joe… and my boys had not been on a waterski for maybe 15 years or so.  Success!!  The grandkids tried out being pulled behind the ski-boat in our large Mega-tube and they couldn’t get enough of it.  

I thought it is funny that the main photo for the video is B&B’s canoe seat sitting in the sand.  I built it from the plans I downloaded from the B&B website.  We actually use it in the back of the ski boat when more than two are in the boat.  Family Camp was my family’s introduction to Joe.  As the grandkids get older, it’s going to provide a lot of boating fun.

We placed Bruce — the red mast float — atop Norma T‘s mizzen mast for the first time, having the whole family around.  That’s my brother’s name (he died some years ago, so it’s a fun reminder to add to my parent’s names on my two red boats: Norma T and Joe.)


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Does anyone here have an Off Center Harbor subscription and could tell me whether any good new videos have been posted in the last 2 months or so?

I had a subscription the past 2 years and loved it, but in the last six months or so they barely posted any videos that were not related to boat building.  If there are some good sailing videos being put up there I would happily renew.

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Thanks, Don.  I caught one of the Coquina videos on the way out the door.  I'm not a builder so the detailed build video series don't interest me.  I'm bummed, it looked like they were going in a great direction when I started, but ran into a niche already filled by woodenboat.  I love their spirit and I hope they can get back on track.


You can access their dreamboat harbor without a subscription, though that hasn't had anything new on it for awhile either.

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From a couple weeks ago. This Australian video maker inspires me to try my hand a little more next season… in making some sailing videos. 
I find his videos enjoyable to watch and I usually pick up a few ideas for camp cruising. I also get a kick out of the accent and vocabulary  


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