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A Thread to Share Interesting Videos


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I belong to the WCTSS, the West Coast Sailing Squadron (Florida).  They do an incredible amount of sail cruising and messabouting in Florida, mostly on the west coast of Florida.  I plan to join them in Avocet in a few weeks.  Dan Roeder is the unofficial commodore of the squadron.  He just posted this video of their latest adventure.  They have a Facebook page. Here is the link to their website:  http://wctss.net


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I just bumped into this video, a guy’s first attempt at sculling over the transom with one oar.

I added a transom oar lock to the transom of Norma T (CS15) and gave sculling a couple tries in 2021.  I only have a pair of curved oars (two part) and I thought my results were kinda “meh”.  I think a straight blade with better movements and perhaps a longer oar would produce a better effect… then again, as I write this about my curved oars and think about it, the curve would have the same effect in both directions if sculling… so it should work to some degree.  Perhaps having the curved “cup” of the blade facing down in both directions might be more effective to push water backwards… I shall try to remember experimenting with this in my next attempts. 

I had followed up that early sculling attempt with placing the one oar in a side oarlock, using both hands on the single oar, and steering with the rudder (that has a tiller tamer keeping it steady.)  I felt it was a satisfying approach.  It seemed a bit easier and as fast as using a pair of oars. 

Well, it’ll still be some months before the snow and ice disappear from our local lakes so for now I can only store up ideas for the next boating season  


The video maker above offers a link in his video description to an instructional video on sculling. He shows some interesting variables.  (I still think it can be a useful way to get the boat away or back to a dock, so I’d like to develop some reasonable skulking in sculling my boat )


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A couple near-end-of-season videos from Australia… even as our season is almost here for some of us. I traveled a couple hours north the day before yesterday where there is still some ice on lakes and snow on the ground.  Here’s a shot:



And, today, I saw this photo is from a friend in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan yesterday:


I enjoy the videos from this guy recently placed onto YouTube. 



And one more recent video from someone else:

I will meet Don Silsbe tomorrow to pick up my Core Sound 17, Avocet. 🙂

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Today, Avocet is on her way back home to Wisconsin.  I am grateful to Ted for sharing her with me, and trusting me to care for her.  The attached video was one of the highlites of my trip to Florida.  Ted flew down for a few days, and we sailed in Charlotte Harbor.  The broad reach back to the ramp was thrilling.

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Interesting… and I suppose the same principles are at work with river currents. It was hellful to see the boat movements of the video as he left the dock.  This is worth keeping in mind.  

My current sailing places on Wisconsin River flowages (pardon the puns) have no discernible water movement like this but other places I hope to visit certainly could. 

While watching the video I noted the size of the cockpit space, and it made me appreciate yet again the amount of space for guests in my Core Sounds. 🙂

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