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Vardo launch in Bavaria

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It is still winter in Bavaria:













But stay patient: Another brand new Vardo is waiting for spring sun:



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my english is a bit rusty, I hope my explanation is understandable


i have used orange fabric:1.thumb.jpg.9aa028845bc77086de24d98d19f580f9.jpg


applied transparent coating:



applied adhesive letters:



applied black coating:



remove adhesive letters: The "M" is already removed, the "o" is not yet ...



other side: "M" isn´t removed, "o" and "r" are already done, the "o" needs some cleaning. I have used cotton swab and paint thinner






finaly applied a new layer of transparent coating:


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Really nice looking kayak! Can you describe the fabric you used? 


"COVID-19 changed every thing: Actually it was the forced lockdowns that has done the most damage.

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It was my first SoF Project, but i found an experienced SoF Builder who was very Kind to give me

many usefult hints. The fabric ist one of his hints.


i have used "Novely Oxford 600D"


it is waterproof so it could be used without coatig, but i never tried.


Here you can see how it looks before "ironing"

(You can also see that i will do an asymmetric sewing on the edge of the gunwale)



It is not that flexible, so i have used "cut  and glue" on stern and bow.

It can easy and durable glued with "Sabacontact 70 T"





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