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Okoume vs Fir Plywood - The Weight Difference

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I built my Vardo out of Fir Plywood, specifically Roseburg 1/2" AB Sanded Marine Plywood. I know it's not the best marine grade plywood (I previously built a canoe out of Okoume), but being in Kansas marine grade building materials are not readily available and shipping is not cheap.  The Fir was available from my local big box store.


As I was making the floor boards I remembered that I had some left over Okoume so decided to do a weight comparison.  Each Fir floor board came in at 596 grams, and the Okoume was at 422 grams. The difference of 174 grams is about 6 ounces or 12 ounces for both boards.  


That's a 29% weight savings... rather significant.


I estimate that building all of the boat frames out of Okoume would have thus saved a few lbs.  Okoume is also higher quality, fewer voids and such, and prettier once oiled.  I don't think the extra weight will make much difference, but it's food for thought for my next build.





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Plus Okume would be a much better quality plywood too. Assuming the DF you get is typical of what I can get.


It is really disheartening the difference in American made plywood and imported plywoods. While I prefer to buy American the imported plywood is FAR superior to anything I have seen made here. 


But as you said, shipping is very expensive. I need 3 sheets for my Chris Craft. Shipping is as much as the plywood so I am trying to work up an order for all the wood for the boat at once.

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