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This forum is hosted by messing-about.com with the permission of, and participation by B & B Yacht Designs.

Discussion here is generally about the B & B Yacht Designs line of boats for the amateur boat builder.  But we don't strictly enforce topic rules on messing-about.com, so if a conversation leads off into a different direction, don't be too concerned.  Conversations do that sometimes!  If the topic doesn't apply at all, I may move it to the Main Forum.

B & B Yacht Designs announced new email addresses for their customers:

To Graham: designergraham@gmail.com

to Carla: admincarla@gmail.com

please direct building inquiries to Graham and Business inquiries to Carla!

Thank you all!

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On 10/10/2019 at 12:32 AM, Mark Rendelman said:

Yes thank you but that’s not what I needed help with I need to know how to post and not to open a new topic but list under another post like the others I see that have multiple pages under one post

Hey Mark, maybe you didn't notice, but you're adding your post to an existing post right here in this thread! So just do that in the thread you'd like to continue:

  1. From the main list of topics, click on the thread you'd like to continue.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  3. Find the Reply box.
  4. Enter your post
  5. Done!
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I want to post a thread on the B&B page.  It will be step-by-step instructions, containing photos with text in-between.  When I’ve posted multiple photos in the past, it puts the photos all together at the end.  Is there a way to insert text in-between them?  Can I write it in Word, and paste it in?  How can I do this?

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When you upload an image, you can later insert it between text:




By positioning your cursor where you want to insert the image and then clicking the image. Here's a short video showing it:



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