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  1. When is the B&B Messabout in 2015, and where can I find out date/locations in the future?
  2. I was debating between a SD 10 and 10N. Carla Byrnes told me that the nesting version has less flotation due to the need to reduce the side seats for it to nest. The 11 (non-nesting) has more flotation volume under it's seats than does the nesting version.
  3. I'm going to transport my boat on a side loading roof rack on my pickup. I'd like to build a 2 or 3 wheeled transport cart for moving it around on land and launching. I'm interested in photos or descriptions which would help me design/build such a cart. Thanks, Steve Lansdowne Austin, TX
  4. I used this primer and paint on a boat in 2000. Very thin but keeps its shine well. I painted an outdoor sign with leftover primer, paint, and clearcoat in 2001 and it has been outdoors in Texas weather (seldom freezes but gets over 100 in the summer). Still looks nearly as good as it did 14 years ago! How much does a Spindrift 10 bare hull weigh?
  5. I got plans for the 10 nesting version along with 3 more sheets of plans so I can also build the non-nesting version. As the non-nesting version has more floatation and I want the 2 part boat for ease of storage and transport (but not to nest) I'm thinking I'll build a 2 part non-nesting version.
  6. At Sail OK Graham showed me one idea to make a Spindrift 12 into an EC boat. It involved a mizzen and a small forward cabin. He likes to tinker with various ideas and came up with this one after speaking with someone in charge of the EC. Not sure if this will go forward, but it is fun to put ideas into CAD to see if they might.
  7. I've used home-built dollies for my boats, finding that one must be careful to secure the straps not just across the gunnels but also in a way that doesn't let the dolly shift aft while pulling the boat. I also found that having the dolly near the center balance point makes the end you lift be much lighter. The problem that arises if you go this route is how far over you have to bend to pick up the end and yet not too far lest the stern hit the ground. Lifting with a line affixed to the bow eye helps some, and having a much higher dolly also works, if this can be easily arranged.
  8. Thanks for the photos. I have a truck rack with rollers but your idea also looks good. With my arrangement I only lift half of the boat at a time, whereas with yours you lift the whole thing (or do you?). With your arrangement are you lifting the full weight when you have it on the rack which you then lift up? I have also made dollies for my Whisp and for my canoes. I'll fully check out your dolly if needed. Right now I'm thinking of doing a 10N, as the two pieces can be lifted separately and both will fit in the back of my pickup. Steve
  9. I sailed a 12 recently and feel it is too much boat for me. I'm interested in seeing first hand a 10 or 11. I'm looking for an owner within driving distance of Austin whose boat I might view. Alternately I'd like to see photos (including cockpit) of these boats. I'm wanting to car top this as my garage is already filled with a trailer and boat.
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