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Outstanding results! Thanks for posting the videos. Most launches aren't as interesting (just back the trailer down the ramp and shove it in...). I was looking for the elves in the video - did you make them stay in the cabin?

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The outside in the first layer of epoxy

Your family must own a clamp factory! Family VonClamp?

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On 7/14/2019 at 2:43 PM, Designer said:

We want to borrow your elves. Kidding aside you did a superb build. I hope that you get to keep this one and can find the time to enjoy her.

Thank you for your nice words, and my elves are not for rent I want to keep them myself   Graham thanks for the beautiful design

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Absolutely beautiful, Jay. 


Really, your work, your boat, the launching and your life. You're clearly doing things right and you are an inspiration. I hope you and your wife live long and healthy lives to enjoy that wonderful boat you have bui!t.


I know it's not likely that you would ever find yourself in Utah, but if you do, I offer a safe harbor here and some good fun. 



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I just had a chance to scan your thread. You did quite the job and your final product stands tall, as they say in our little corner of the world here. Please give us some speed results and fuel efficiency if you get a chance.  And hopefully you can get some in water profile shots with it underway.

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