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  1. Hi Wil I haven't been on the forum for a while, so I missed your question. I first coated the entire 4 mm plywood sheets with thin glass and epoxy. Then I cut the sheet into pieces. In the photos of my build you can see that I use a temporary wooden strip between the chine batten. This used to clamp the two layers of plywood together with screws during the drying of the epoxy. I used stainless staples for attaching to the chine batten. Is this an answer to your question? Greetings Jan
  2. what a craftsmanship, a very beautiful result
  3. Thank you for the nice reactions. I hope for nice hours with this boat together with my wife who now has me home more often. The following projects will be a CLC teardrop camper Boatbuilding greetings Jan
  4. Thank you for your nice words, and my elves are not for rent I want to keep them myself Graham thanks for the beautiful design
  5. She goes into the water VID-20190707-WA0004.mp4 VID-20190706-WA0023.mp4 VID-20190706-WA0024.mp4
  6. A very exciting moment A very exciting moment
  7. The engine mounted Thank you for the beautiful design
  8. And also the handrails and all without the help of the elves ??
  9. The electrical wiring and the dashboard
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