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Cruising Myall Lakes in the CS20#3


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The Myall Lakes are a series of freshwater/brackish lakes situated in a National Park to the North of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. The lake system has long been a favourite haunt for trailer sailers and a few "hot water boats". It is best suited to boat camping although there are a few areas where camping ashore is permitted with boat access.

Over the recent Easter break my wife and I joined old acquaintances from the Newcastle Hunter Trailer Yacht Association and did a little cruising. Most of their boats range from 23 to 26 foot, but the Coresound held its own and attracted many positive comments. Here are a few pics so you too can enjoy the experience as you come out of your northern winter.

IMG_2231.JPG.0169ba207bb188301219cbc7f8c0d53e.JPGIMG_2232.JPG.d17ccfa37a1f65d9352b136a2c72aacf.JPG Here we are with the big cousins



A little untidy - having too much fun, but here is our little galley and chart area.IMG_2234.thumb.JPG.f2d3d8043186c1ad183d1ed64b67620d.JPG  Bath water provided free!FullSizeRender.jpg.37c4b136a0101ece1d7d92be2093ec11.jpgIMG_2236.JPG.e4e48ff22172e499e37269bd668d9c6c.JPGIMG_2235.JPG.fdaf03ad2d855b78f3153faf600b23b3.JPG

And then there was the trip home to Canberra!

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Yes Robert, our sons live in Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. We try to visit every couple of years as finances permit. We will be there in the first weeks of July and would love to catch up with any other small boat enthusiasts. I wonder if there are any boating events on that are worth visiting? We usually hire a car to get around and see things. PS, thanks for the nice comments about the boat. We like it.

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