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  1. I've always used Bote-Cote with great success. Am using some at present in Tasmania with fast curing agent due to the very cold weather. A bit of Amine blush which washes off OK. Costs about $160 / 6 litre kit down here. It's a 2:1 mix so easy to get accurate, and thins nicely with a bit of heat during application. Recommended! Brent
  2. BrentK

    OB 20 Center Console

    Beautifully built! Well done.
  3. Greetings from Australia. I have had the Belhaven plans for some time without commencing my build. Now I see the CS 20 Mk 3 and see many advantages with water ballast and the raised deck design. I have read all the comments about the Belhaven cabin (eg. Scott's descriptions) and it is what I want, and assume the CS 20 cabin is much smaller as it's not designed as a cruiser. If comfort is more important than speed to me, should I just build the Belhaven as is, as I am sure the design works extremely well? Or, with the more advanced features of the CS Mk3 design, should I build one of those and modify the cabin to be more cruiser-oriented? Then of course, there's the P22, but that's in a different league I believe. Thanks all - keep building. Brent
  4. BrentK


    I keep telling myself to start building my Belhaven! I regularly look at your sailing videos Scott and still think the design is just so clever and would be so easy for me to sail solo. Oh well, one day I will start. Brent (Tasmania)
  5. BrentK

    Outer Banks 20 #24 Progress Thread

    Good to see progress is being made. I have Belhaven plans but also love the OB 20 so am interested in your build. Congratulations on your build thus far!

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