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  1. Ba hahaha.. I wanna do the same but I'll end up dead. Cheers to the fellows breaking into uncharted waters.
  2. Just a follow up, the boat sure turned heads! Had to wipe off a lot of drool from guys at the dock. This was especially true when a guy watched me trailer the boat with one finger. I tried puck board on the trailer guides instead of carpet and it works as good as Teflon. I have to keep the boat cabled while backing in or I will be doing so without a boat on board. It's not cheap as you need to buy the thicker stuff to allow for burying the screw heads but worth every penny. So thanks graham for making me the envy of the lake.
  3. Thanks guys... and Riggs just keep hitting her...used a sheet of paper myself and wrote down two things I wanted to get done per day.. trick is not to stop until they are done. Paint I used was brightside mixed with 10% paint thinner rolled and tipped.. comes out like to sprayed.
  4. 18Finally finished my marriage eco 18 .. rides like a dream and kicked the ass off of the 4 foot white caps ( I'm used to running rough water 6 to 8 foot. Don't try it until your trained when running small boats.. one wrong move and your in trouble) but this girl cut right trough.. wow.. took a long time but thanks.
  5. I just finished a Marissa.. the wife calls it the wreck cause it was in her driveway for 4 years due to the lack of a heated garage and no work on it in the cold weather... buy the kit and save yourself some headache. Lots of cuts that aren't well explained to a newbe even though it is old hat to someone who has built before. Make sure your marriage is strong and get a bottle of gin if your building with out the kit... ( it's the only way to get up the courage to make some of the cuts and fix it later) the plans are over layered like a drunk guy tried to thump them all down at once on a limited space on 16 foot of rice paper x 4 feet wide so, it is best to be drunk when your reading them... ( on the old drawings only half of the console is there) OK. Here is the good news.. if your one in a hundred and you finish with your wife still in tow then you have an awesome boat.. rides high, weighs nothing 1200 pads with fuel and motor 40hp turn on a dime and gets up on plane in 2 seconds at half throttle. Don't change a thing on the designA
  6. Finally finished the boat here is her final pictures.... had a welder do up a Glen -l 1800 series trailer... simple design but a long wait.
  7. Lmao...yeah I could ship it but I would like to finish it before winter .
  8. Keep an eye out.... Monday I'll drop start to finish photos if you would like. Need to document up here in Canada in order to prove homebuilt for registration purposes. . I'm just wrapping up the floor... sigh ran out of two part primer so I'm off on a 6 hour round trip to gather some more
  9. Still curious about the exact model number graham recommended for a gas tank. Had all that paperwork untill my basement backed up 3 yrs bk. Only manged to save the blueprints. Was a lot of head scratching to figure out which pieces were to be cut off of what sheet of plywood. But I made it. I think the way I would have approached the blueprint side would have been to place all the pieces that needed to be cut from one sheet of plywood on a plywood size sheet with heat transferable ink. That way once it's transfered the blueprint is history and can't be copied. Then a step by step guide following the same guide lines they use for building mini car models. Would take out the guess work.
  10. Yeah oyster I'm a canuk... added some challenges when working in the -40 zone... good point on the ethanol... our low grade has a ten percent mix but can get around that with the high test which is 0% ethanol. Also a good point designer that the 3 gas tanks would be the same cost as an 18 . This is great input, that's why I'm here. Thanks and as smccormick....pointed out I should run at a good rate of miles per gallon.
  11. I see that the boats they have are close. My weight with the motor and gear is at 1264 pds not including fuel or passengers. So I should be around 1800 pds give or take. I'm also an avid troller...mixed with fly fishing. I chase Lakers which usually hit at 60 ish feet. So I may be looking at that 18 gallon yet. I will leave the console as a screw down until I've gotten more data...usually I run 250 Hp and up. So I have no experience with the smaller engines. Hope I'm pleasantly surprised. Now I just need an axle length and I'm golden. Ps. 250 is too big for a lake round here . I miss the ocean.
  12. Yup that's what I'm doing also... fishing... my first run will be in alberta, but my bucket list is Pacific salmon... I kind of figured that 18 gal was over kill but, what do I know?
  13. I'll bait... this is where I was 180 hrs ago... haven't locked the console down yet because I want to find out if I need a large tank.... I will be strapped to the floor of her fishing my fool head off every chance I get
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