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  1. Also the lifting points are down on the floor, so perhaps the force on the bulkhead is mostly compression... I think... but I am an not an engineer and don't even play one on TV (although I do work on and drive boats for a living...)
  2. I see what you're saying but doesn't that depend upon the distance between the davits? I've not fitted mine yet so I can have them further apart than on Graham's drawing.
  3. In my post above, I mentioned that I was considering adding bilge strakes- primarily to reduce wear and tear on the bottom of the boat. Well tonight watching Sailing Florence, I spotted that their S9N has these. Theirs are pretty long, reaching the transom, and are further inboard (closer to the keel) than I had envisaged. I like the idea of through-bolting into these strakes to create the aft lifting eyes- the load would be spread right across the bottom of the boat. I'll probably use something like 19x19mm ash for the strakes. This would probably put the rear davit ey
  4. Question: second coat of epoxy is on, and there are some runs/curtains. Do I crack on with the third coat within the overcoating window, and then sort everything out afterwards? Or should I stop coating, wait for full cure, flatten everything off and key,then do final epoxy coat? Obviously I'm inclined towards the first option! Thinking that everything will need flattened back ready for sanding anyway.
  5. That's the outside faired and first epoxy coat applied. I said all along that as a utility tender this boat would not have to be pretty, and I wouldn't spend a lot of time on cosmetic things like fairing. So why have I spend the last week doing just that I suppose I'm this far in and I can't stomach the idea of seeing all the taped seams through the paint. I guess I have a bit of pride after all! I've decided to go with a 2-pack polyurethane paint finish, in the scheme of things the extra cost is minimal and it would be daft not to take advantage of having the boat in a dr
  6. Graham, thanks for that. My own anecdote about the dangers of davits is that a large yacht local to me got caught out in heavy weather. Their console RIB complete with outboard ended up swinging by one strap, sweeping the cockpit at head height. It took a very well timed scramble up the davits to cut it free. Terrifying. We only plan to use the davits for overnight storage and shorter day sails- if we thought it was a viable permanent option we wouldn't have chosen the nesting dinghy. We do indeed intend to sail her. I have an old ex-club dinghy that I am stripping part
  7. Thanks for the update, and thanks for being brave enough to try something different. How do you think it would have gone if you had glassed one side only of the core, then formed the hull?
  8. Thanks Graham, that's perfect. Similar to what I had first thought of, although I had considered using the front face of the aft seats. Another thought was to add rubbing strakes near the chine, and through bolt to those, to help spread the load over a bigger area. My yacht is 39ft and 13'10" in the beam, any smaller and the 11ft Spindrift would look pretty silly up there.
  9. So, I appear to have run out of glass tape, there will be a slight delay as I wait on another roll arriving. Does this mean I've been glassing places that I should not have?? When I installed the keel, I used stainless screws every 6". But to be honest I think it looks pretty nasty and I would like to hide them. Covering over with thickened epoxy and a layer of tape would do, but it's all extra weight. Maybe I should just remove the screws and fill the holes? The keel is faired to the hull with fillets, I was wondering about glassing over these as a precaution before removing
  10. Thanks, you're right, the loads will be significant. I could probably get away without a winch, maybe a 2:1 purchase would be enough. I would probably want to set up the lifting lines in a way that there was a stopper to prevent over tightening. I thought about bolting an eye right through the keel, that would be about as strong as you could get. But unless this is next to a bulkhead, it's going to be putting a lot of compression strain on the hull. I'm thinking that the mast step might make a suitable attachment point? As designed it isn't through-bolted of course, so it woul
  11. My S11N is steadily progressing. Before I get on to the finishing stage, I should give some thought to how I am going to carry it on davits. I expect to use the davits primarily to keep it out of the water at night, and perhaps on shorter passages in good weather. I think it's going to be a bit big to safely hang off the yacht in rougher conditions. I would like to have it secure in the davits, so it is not rocking around at all. That means attachment points low down in the boat allowing me to haul it up tight against the davit arms (with appropriate fendering, of course). The
  12. I was a bit worried that the keel wouldn't sit perfectly upright. So I used two clamps at the aft end, and could adjust these to tilt the keel one way or the other until it was in line with the pencil line up the back of the transom.
  13. I sawed the boat in half prior to building the aft seats, just to make sure everything would fit. The seat panels did need trimmed down a little so maybe just as well. Of course the test fit was done without the keel in place which would have given a little extra clearance. Today's job was fitting the keel. I didn't see any specific length given, so I just carried it as far forward as I was able to bend the wood. When I come to cut it in half tomorrow I was wondering about putting a slight angle on the cut, to reduce the chance of catching a fishing line etc. Has anybod
  14. Thanks for those thoughts. I don't think I want to risk compromising the buoyancy, too much at stake. Those Armstrong hatches look fantastic, but I don't think they're available over here. For speed I think I will just install the hatches from my donor boat- it has three 4" ones on it. I presume it wouldn't be a big job to swap these out for larger ones at a later date?
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