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  1. Yes I definitely miss the Spindrift. The Catspaw is a much better match for the size of my boat though.
  2. After losing my Spindrift 11N I tried to go the inflatable route to use as a dinghy. Unfortunately my $2000 takacat had a half dozen leaks in less than 5 months. It also didn't sail or row worth a damn so I decided to build another B&B boat to use as a tender. One of the first lines in the build instructions is not to rush. So since it took 11 months to build my Spindrift I gave myself a month to build the Catspaw. I started building in late July and called it good enough for now in early September. So about 6 weeks in all. I'm still trying to source a mast and sail before I leave the country for a couple years. Here are some photos of the build and I'll update the thread as I continue to work and modify the boat.
  3. Looking at sourcing rub strips for the keel and edges of a Catspaw 8. Would aluminum be a suitable replacement for stainless steel in these applications? Much cheaper and easier to work with than stainless. thanks, Hugh
  4. Where can I source the 1&3/4"OD x .065 (wall) tube for the mast of a Catspaw 8? thanks, Hugh
  5. Nevermind I found my error.
  6. Could you check the dimensions of the center frame. I've double checked my angles and lengths of parts but the totals are off by quite a bit.
  7. Taking measurements off the plans I got 85" for the end of the center seam. I think the42 &7/16" may be from the center so I'm going with 84 & 7/8".
  8. In the attached photo I'm not sure what the 42&7/16 measurement is referring to. Should this be 82&7/16" from the edge of the sheet? Thanks, Hugh
  9. I lost my Spindrift 11N while rounding Cape Hatteras. I still have the sail, daggerboard, rudder and most of the running rigging. No reasonable offer refused. I’m in Annapolis but would be willing to ship the sail and running rigging. Some pictures of the dinghy in happier times.
  10. OK It sounds like a 20" shaft is what I need. Thanks, Hugh
  11. How long shoudl the shaft be on an outboard for a Spindrift 11? thanks, Hugh
  12. I had a great time at the Messabout and am looking forward to doing it again next year. Didn't take as many pictures as last year as the sailing was too good on Friday and Saturday. One day I'll learn to flake my sail. One day. More pics Till next year.
  13. Could you make the facebook messabout page public for those of us without facebook accounts? thanks, Hugh
  14. I can bring a spare camping chair and my random orbital sander.
  15. I'll be camping. I plan on arriving Friday morning or late Thursday if it's allowed. -Hugh
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