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  1. It actually started out a project to just get painted (winter/Christmas scene) and get hung outside on the wall/entryway. No real plans, just scrap and and some time. Interestingly enough, we were over at the local Crafts outlet the other day and they have a bunch of em' that look VERY similar, although much rougher in construction, as you would imagine. I am probably going to make a little semi-enclosed seat to place on it, so Courtney can haul her dollys around in it, on her visits to Grammys, just down the street. So far, nobody has had the time to put the final touches on it. I was thinking, Milk Paint colors for the base coat, latex/acrylic for some sort of highlights and maybe some small scenes, sanded up a bit on the edges to antique it a little, and then some type of varnish mixture over it all to seal it up some and protect it. We did buy a "real" sled for her this year too, I wanted a good one with metal runners and good ability to steer. Im sure I could have built one, but at the time that wasn't my thinking, and I'm afraid this wooden model just wouldn't hold up properly and I don't want to take chances with a "real" child on it.... Maybe if it ever gets finished, I'll post a photo of the completed item... so many projects...so little time... b.
  2. I think you have it right. They should be from the outside in, that is, they would be nipped on the inside and the rove put on from the inside. The flat part of the rivet/nail would be on the outside. It looks fantastic. i've always liked the looks of those projects and wanted to build one. We are, fortunately/unfortunately past the baby cradle stage in my family (extended and otherwise). I have thought about building a scaled down version for Dolls though, and it may still happen. I'll bet your daughter gets tearful when she see's this one. A true family heirloom. All of it looks great. Well done.... b.
  3. Yup the replicator would be a must have for legs. One of the reasons I want to go used is so that when I buy something I would hopefully still have enough cash to get proper tools and the replicator to go along with it. There always is another tool to buy...It truly is a sickness. Thats ok though, each week I keep buying my lottery tickets, and thumbing through the tool catalogues, thinking, it could be me....
  4. Frank, I had this link on hand for wood identification... maybe you can find your wood in here! It has lots of pretty good photos and information this guy collects. http://www.hobbithouseinc.com/personal/woodpics/ Iv'e been hoping to get a lathe. I'd like to build some tables and turn my own legs. I've seen some pretty cool bowls too, that would make cool gifts. The woodturning guy on DIY kinda got me going on the idea. Keep looking for something used with a long bed. b.
  5. Jigs are a funny thing..I think some are very useful, but, I think that that's all some folks do, is build jigs...and some are real pieces of art. I suppose if I were doing production work, I'd build a few...then again, if I were doing production work, I'd probably try to by a pre-built machine that did what I wanted. Maybe I'm just too impatient, I like to try and move right along on my projects, without having to spend 2 hours building a jig, and most of the time I don't have the knobs or bolts on hand that I need anyway. I am planning on building some clocks for Christmas and for those I may make some patterns and jigs as I work since I plan on making a few of them. good links though..even though I don't build them, I do like to see what people come up with... b.
  6. I've always wanted to try a forrest blade. I have a freud thin kerf right now that has been fine, but, it's time for a new blade. Be interested on how yours works out...
  7. I forgot about Pat. Hadn't been there for a while. Looks like some reading to catch up on. BTW you might want to edit that link. You have a comma on the end of it and it doesn't work correctly. Thanks again for the link... b.
  8. A few things lately...Blanket Rack, clocks (prototypes for Christmas), and of course, a Sea Chest! The Blanket rack came from DIY David Marks Show and has an added rail. The clocks are similar to "Norms" shaker clock, but are a culmination of many plans I've seen. The sea chest can be found in the latest issue of Fine Woodworking...I didn't slant the sides though... always something in the works... cheers, Bill
  9. i've been looking for a decent Plunge router but haven't made a decision yet. I have three fixed routers already and have been real happy with the Porter Cable tools I already own, along with DeWalt. I bought a copy of Taunton's 2006 tool guide and they rate the Bosch(1617evspk) and Porter Cable(895pk) high. These are in the Combo kit category. I'm leaning towards the Bosch, It rated best overall, and readers choice. The price seems about in the middle. Of course, they all seem somewhat affordable when I compare them to getting a multi-router right? b.
  10. Bill

    OT: Router Extention

    Well... I tried it and it's cool...good idea... I took my old parts and managed to build a semi-prototype (if there is such a thing) from your idea. I think I will do a rebuild on the whole thing, just to make it more compact and workable with my existing guide. I had some chips fall, but I think that can be cleared up with a chute of sorts, and it's a minor concern, now that we have the major excess cleaned up. I think you came up with a nice easy fix...Thanks.. These three photos show basically what I tried so far... thanks for the idea/info.. When I make up my real version..I'll post it.. b. [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
  11. Bill

    OT: Router Extention

    That is really a nice job. Looks really good. I like the exhaust system. I am using a secondary fence that is built to go over my regular TS fence, and I didn't really incorporate any type of vacuum and right now I regret that. Do you find that sucking up wood chips from the top of the table near the bit suffices? Or can the same thing be accomplished by using some sort of vacuum below the table at the hole opening work out just as well. I can see that I'll be back to the drawing board with a few ideas. I am thinking about just running my secondary fence, 'along side' the TS fence, plug up one end of the secondary, and attach the vacuum hose to one end, as yours looks.. Routers make such a mess. Good Job..
  12. Nice Job Jake... Heck it takes me a week just to get a finish on my projects. Did you use your HVLp on it for the finish? I was thinking along the same lines (building a little cabinet, instead of a table tho..) for my Model. It's always been out in the open collecting dust and drives my women crazy, because she doesn't dare to touch it to dust it, so she bugs me.. It might be a good chance for me to buy my mortiser too...I was out pricing them this week. I don't own a drill press and the really don't have a problem without one. Most of the add-on Mortisers I've seen, want a beefy drill press to attach them to. I was thinking about going the dedicated mortiser route. Again great job on the table, I like seeing all the things that people do in our forum. I was in my shop this afternoon putting a bit of finish on a small cabinet for the bathroom, saw your nice work..and it humbled me a bit... Bill
  13. Before using any power tools let's take a moment to talk about shop safety. Be sure to read, understand, and follow all the safety rules that come with your power tools. Knowing how to use your power tools properly will greatly reduce the risk of personal injury. And remember, there is no more important rule than to wear these, safety glasses. -Norm Abram
  14. Bill

    OT: Router Extention

    Jake (and all), I did find this web site that carries some materials for building your own router table along with quite a few accessories (Knobs, t-track, UHMV etc.). Some of the prices are real good and some seem a bit high...but, it may have just what you need for that little project or jig. http://www.ttrackusa.com/track_%20systems.htm Has anyone ordered from these folks? or have a link to another company with the same type of stuff? b.
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