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  1. I have been praying for all the folks there and have been worried about Carla and Graham. This is good news as I had feared the worst.
  2. From this quote, ""This kind of wood could be used in cars, airplanes, buildings -- any application where steel is used," Hu said.", in the article, it makes me guess that it should be good for boat building too. At the very least, we could have fun experimenting with it?
  3. Looks like the link is working well today, and the new website looks great to me.
  4. Hey Oyster! Long time, no see. Good to see you still around and posting.
  5. What method of boat building do you prefer? I was watching a video on Youtube yesterday where they were building a long boat as done in the middle ages. Pretty cool.
  6. How well did this work out for you? I like the idea but ended up toting all of mine down to the basement for the winters and back up to the garage when it gets warm enough. My first boat build ended up using 4 or 5 times the epoxy because I was too ignorant to realize the effects of temperature on how it spreads, and it created a huge drip mess. I then said what the heck, and learned the hard way that sanding epoxy resin sucks big time. My next boat builds all improved and I am glad I used less expensive materials on my early builds. Incidentally, those boats are now about 15 years old and still being used around the Great Lakes. Exterior grade 1/4" plywood. Still one in my back yard too, that my sons built over 10 years ago. Some folks may recall that one here, the Amphora, Dragon built by Sam and Ben when they were 10 and 9.
  7. Too bad Charlie. Maybe in the shop?
  8. Charlie, that is a really good picture. It would look good in a frame on your wall.
  9. I have never used the Anderson Bailer while sailing, rather only while towing which is with the center board completely up or out. The bailer is installed on the port side near the aft end of the well.
  10. There is just the one sheet in the plan set for the sail plan. Is that all a sail maker needs?
  11. That is where Graham said to install it. He has some installation pictures and instructions too.
  12. I have an Anderson Bailer, purchased from B&B, installed very close to the center board well on my Spindrift 12. It works great until something like leaves, twigs, or acorns clog it up (typical of any boat drain). I too forgot to make sure it was open, then heavy snow deformed the tarp into a huge pocket, then it melted and I could tell what was happening, but by that time the boat had about a foot of water in it. It did not sit all winter this way as the tarp only failed due to a hole created as I was trying to get the snow and melt out. I did not know the drain was closed. Have I mentioned that I really hate working in icy cold water?
  13. I sent an email to B&B several days ago asking what a sail suite for the PS26 would cost and have not heard back from them yet. I would prefer purchasing them too.
  14. Bob, Thanks for the insights and advice. Very good to know info. I wish Sailrite had a kit for the PS26.
  15. Howard, I decided I did not like the aluminum mast that I was using on my Spindrift and will make a wood mast for her. I also plan to convert her to a Cat configuration and a keel stepped mast instead of the sloop rig on her currently. This will get rid of the stays and shrouds too and make for a better mast. How much does your Spindrift mast weigh and what did you make it from? Thanks.
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