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  1. have not changed prop yet, really no need to she crusies very nice like it is, bumpers just liked the way it look without them, may add teak later
  2. The aft comparment is a insulated fish box, the compartment in front of it lies a 30 gal tank sitting on top of that is another tank nup into console, its a 175 Johnson I just had it, so thats why I used it, I will see if I can find pix of Tanks
  3. She carries 2 30 gal. tanks in the belly, first trip last night was over proped, engine only turned 4800 RPM was running 42 MPH, wil post more pix & info. later
  4. Test Run , very happy, worth every minute it took to build
  5. it is doubled up down deep in hull 1 1/2 at top, I will tow alot with a motor toter to hold bouncing weight, engine is 175 Johnson, will test run maybe in 2 weeks
  6. yes it is Fighting Lady Yellow
  7. No Clue, But good guess, average 1 hour per day for year & half, would be close
  8. moved boat outside to clean shop, got a few pix while it was outside
  9. coolers will drain ouy the transom,was thinking about bench seat into the transom & using a engine bracket but scraped that idea also have a insulated fishbox / cooler in floor
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