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Found 2 results

  1. This thread will document the repair and rebuilding of a Penoscot 17 sailboat, designed by Arch Davis. Today's weather was beautiful, just what I needed for moving the Penobscot 17 from my tent into the workshop. The door lifts upward with a winch. I have barely enough room to squeak the boat through the doorway, so I didn't want the doors opening sideways.
  2. I'm in the process of refurbishing a Penobscot 17 that I purchased used in the summer of 2010. Two photos attached, from the date of purchase. It had been sitting outside for several years under a (rapidly-falling-apart) tarp, which allowed significant water to accumulate in the bilge . At least one bulkhead is rotted, due to standing water. The former owner used a trolling motor with two 12V batteries. I've removed the battery mounting tray, as I have no desire to drag along 120 lbs of batteries. It's a sailboat, I'll sail it . Two questions about keeping water out: 1. It occurs to me that the boat would have sustained less damage if they had simply drilled a hole in the deepest part of the hull, to allow standing water (rain and condensation) to drain out. Is there any point to installing a bronze garboard drain plug there? This might help with washing out the boat as well, I suppose. 2. The boat came with a small electric bilge pump, which is not functional to me, as I'm not putting the batteries back aboard. Typical wisdom calls for a bucket aboard a small boat. This one has floorboards, which sit a few inches above the deepest part of the hull. I'm leaning towards a manual diaphragm-style bilge pump (whale gusher, or similar). What I'm wondering about is where to plumb the outlet. Sending it to the transom makes sense, but I don't want to drill a hole in the 1" thick transom. Is my best option likely to have a length of flexible hose, which can be directed overboard to either side, as needed? There will be many more photos to come of the rebuild, which I'm starting in the next few weeks. Thanks, Michel
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