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CSS 15 vs goat island skiff

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The GIS will be the easiest in effort to row, but the Argie 15 will be fairly close behind, with a little more effort required and the CS-15 will be a fair bit behind the GIS in terms of effort. Effort aside, finding a good rowing position will be what makes each of these more enjoyable to row. This is probably more important than rowing effort, as you'll tire quickly if the rowing position can't get you comfortable throughout the stroke.

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I once pulled up to a bunch of sport bikes parked at an ice cream store on my BMW touring motorcycle I used to own. All these kids with their carbon fiber laden bikes were looking with that "Check thi

Dave is absolutely right.  It is the height of foolishness to change a proven design from a great designer.  Raise your hand if you think building wooden boats makes perfect sense.

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Of the three, I'd prefer to be in a CS15, if I were cruising the North Channel.  (I'm originally a Lake Erie "mushrat", so I know about cruising the North Channel.)  A CS17.3 would be best of all, but that's something else again.  I urge you to get to next year's Mess-about, to learn the value of these boats.  Alternately, some of us will be having a mini-Messabout April 30, 2015.  Looks like we'll have a fair representation from the B&B Yacht Design line-up.  You can break up the drive by overnighting at my place before & after.  I'm an hour south of Asheville, 9 hours from Vandermere, and 1-1/2 hours from the "mini-mess" this spring.

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