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  1. Thanks for the input do like the way the CS15 is sailing. .... I've watched all the videos that Alan sent me links to. The Goat looks alittle easier to make but I think I prefer the CS15. Many thanks to all..
  2. Which one is more versatile, faster, more or less wet and stable? I want to build one but which one... Any suggestions many thanks..
  3. The Marvell looks interesting. Every time I looked for a circular saw it was always the heavy big skill saw. The battery operated ones all were terrible. I found the perfect 4.5 inch circular saw at Lowes it's the Rockwell at $ 89.00. Worth looking into. It's the best saw I've found. For the jig saw I use to use the mikita. I still have it but the blades are very expensive. I now use the fraud. Been using both saws for two years very satisfied.
  4. What does the bailer do?? It looks like it is on the bottom of the hull.
  5. Lynn, yes, I just wanted to compare to the CS20.. Thanks, Otto
  6. How much free board is the belhaven? I am asking the distance from the sheer to the gunale.. Does anyone have construction pics or finished pics? Thanks, Otto
  7. Tom, Check out the pics from Dawn Patrol http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/5411-core-sound-20-hull-103/ Tom ,if you click on this website, go to 2007 om the right side. All pics and how to's will appear http://www.sailnaway.blogspot.com This will help because a pic can be worth a thousand words..... Hope this helps, Otto
  8. Hello Tom, I live in Melbourne. I'll get a few days off , what would be good for you? Otto 321-482-6827
  9. Hello Graham, Our last e-mails were about waiting for the second boat to be built before selling plans...I do have a set of plans from you for the CS 20. Before I build it I would prefer the water ballest version. Raised decks even sounds better to me. As far as my comment to Tom, I would offer building assistance if he so desired. Back when Dawn Patrol was ready to be removed from the house I offered to assist also. I do not want to be in a position that I built "A" when I could have built "B".. I like all your designs. Thanks, Otto
  10. Hello Tom, I think B+B are waiting to see if you have any problems with this hull before selling the plans... I hate to ask you this but can you step up the pace alittle.. Do you live in Jaxsonville Fl? If so do you need some help? Can you post some pics, especially the joint that failed... Thanks, Otto
  11. Tom, What the cost of the plans and the kit? I take it that the kit is ocume? Otto
  12. Hello, Are you still willing to trade your plans for a set on the CS 20. I have an unused set . Thanks, ne71945@gmail.com
  13. Hello Wes, The third sail between the masts, what is that called and where do you get one?? How much was it?? How is your paint holding up, what did you use for primer? Thanks, Otto olp4835@gmail.com
  14. Is there any information about building the CS 20 out of aluminum and how much power can it handle. There is one in Alaska put I know nothing bout that boat????? Thanks, Otto
  15. Wes, Thank God you did not put tat extra coat of paint on, the boat would be too long. Thanks for the info on the mast material and length, we are making them longer. BTW do you have action pics, wind blowing??? How's the baby? Thanks, Otto
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