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CS 15 Newbie, be gentle

Worn Worx

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Hey Crew,


My name is Worn, mostly from ill usage.  I'm the very proud owner of plans for the CS 15 #36.  Oh, I've owned plans for other boats, but they mostly sit as models.  I'm looking forward to advise and criticizm from all the upper classmen and even classwomen, heck classchildren are likely to know more. The day will come when my own 15 ft. of heaven gets cast off in the right direction, I hope everyone gets a say in the process.


I'm going to re-re-read the plans tonight and this time I'll use a glossary of REAL terms to back my play.


TONIGHT, however I splash my pitard with a dram of cheap rum in celebration of a beginning.


Thank you ALL, Worn Worx


please post any and all helpful thoughts here...

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I think my CS-15 plans are #24 - yes, I'm slow. Since building a model many moons ago I have built five boats, actually two stand up paddle boards and three boats, two B&B Diva kayaks and a "one sheet" canoe. But I have collected wood for the CS and cobbled together a few parts, like the centerboard and rudder, and cut out a variety of parts.

I kind of like Captain Morgans rum. Cheaper than my fav = single malt scotch . . .

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I thought I knew it all when I drank "Sailor Jerry". But, I awoke to find some of that knowledge splashed on my shoes.


There is something poetic about a spirit made for sailors that comes with it's own tattoo, kind of like "Cracker Jacks" for the enlisted.



As for boat building, I once fabricated a half scale model of a one-sheet skiff, the best four sheets of plywood I ever spent. And then I started drinking. Everythings been good since then.


Currently I'm resurecting a '78 Manatee 19', the only good bits are in the transom, stringers are rot, I actually paid for the pleasure of bringing her back to the sea. I've already named her - "Sea kElp" - pronounced Seek Help. The name should provide hours of fun while actually calling up assistance.


Thank you for the input on internal solvents, this will get me in the mood for running some test samples in an inconspicuous place or two.



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I thought I knew it all when I drank "Sailor Jerry". But, I awoke to find some of that knowledge splashed on my shoes.




I quit that once I saw that that was the favorite of the "urban outdoorsmen" of Key West... ;^)


If you have a Costco nearly, the Flor De Cana 4 year is outstanding, especially for the price. Elsewhere, the 7 year old is very nice.



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