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Michigan Messabout: 1st week in August

Andy B

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Ted Johansen, Don Silsbe, and I have been communicating regarding a possible get together in the Grand Traverse Bay area of Michigan.  We've settled on the first week of August.  Don and Ted are coming over that week. There is another man here (Mark Wisdom) who sails a Morbic 12 who will likely join us.  I live here and I am working but I should be free in the later parts of the week and/or the weekend.  No definite plans yet other than sailing at least one day together.  This is our first stab at any of this so I'm sure it will be informal.  If you would like to join us post here and we can share details together.  Andy

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Yes, because of a substantial increase in members from the US and Canada, the DCA created a new region for North America… I guess a “continental” sized region. It’s recognized that the North American region would develop more localized areas since the likelihood of my taking my boat from Wisconsin for a Texas sailing event is not real high. 

A Facebook group has been created to help organize events and communicate called Dinghy Cruising the Americas with the same acronym DCA.

Check it out here.

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1 hour ago, stjoeguy said:

I will keep those dates in mind.  I sail a CS17 MK1 and live in Saint Joseph, MI.

Great.  So far we have two people coming for most of the week before, and then two locals, me included, for the weekend.  As far as I know we are still flexible on which day(s) of the weekend.


We have:

PadrePoint's CS17 mk3

Sea Pearl 21

Vivier Morbic 12

DonSilsbe's Two Paw!

Maybe Reacher in his CS 20 mk1


We have put posts on the DCA North American facebook page and I also sent invites to some guys on the Sea Pearl forum, and also two locals (Howard Rice and one local wooden boat builder).

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I love them!  Part of the love is they are locally made--I've toured the factory twice, and they use ash from Michigan trees.  They owners seem like a great family.


I have the Ahmeek 105.  I should temper my review by saying its my first really wider ski.  But I love it, I've had it in knee deep powder and on ice.  It's a bit big to swing around on hardpack, but still better than some skinnier skis I've had in the past.  And it can even get me down the moguls at Mary Jane, albeit a bit slower than other skis.  It's truly a great all around ski.


The build quality is excellent, I would feel comfortable buying any of their ski models.  I am more of an online guy, but I did call before I bought mine and talked with one of their employees and that was super helpful.  They usually have a sale in the next few weeks, if you call them you might be able to buy now for about $200 less and then pick it up when you come here in August.


I have my eye on a Brockway for night skiing up here when I know there won't be any powder, and I'd love to get my wife a pair with a custom paint job of palm trees and the beach (she likes to ski but loves the beach). 


Since this is a boating site I'll close by mentioning that the Torqeedo motor fund has now been renamed the Spring Break 2023 ski trip fund and is now depleted :)

Wait, one more, crazy idea.  It's a 1.8 mile walk from the marina in Boyne City to the Shaggy's factor/store.  If you put your boat in on Lake Charlevoix and sail to Boyne City, you might be one of the few people in history to pick up your new skis by sailboat.  I would admire you forever!

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I know this is a B&B forum. On the other hand, I really like the idea of what seem to be quality skis produced by a small self-starting talented company with competitive prices for their great products… like what’s offered by B&B Yacht Designs.?

I met and spoke with the “dad” guy at January’s demo day.  He set me up with a pair of Ahmeek 95 skis (I think) which are so totally different from my own: Head World Cup Rebels (slalom), 165 cm with 11 meter sidecut… kind of a sport car or go kart type ski.  I really like them, but in powder I sink… and stink.  The Shaggys skis I tried felt really stable and a little slower to turn, but a nice-feeling effect… sort of like my ballasted Core Sound 17 compared to my CS15… (thought I should get that in for the sake of the forum ?.)


And, it’s a great idea that you offer on sailing Lake Charlevoix to pick up the skis… quite a temptation, for the experience and the story. ?  I might just try and arrange that as part of my August Michigan Messabout.


So, Don, interested in doing Lake Charlevoix before Traverse Bay??


I hope to sail a bunch of various and interesting lakes this year (like Lake Charlevoix) even though I’m not sailing at ALL this month (family and vacation time.)  I’ve sailed chartered boats a few times on Lake Tahoe some years ago (swirly winds) but really didn’t like the costs. I also took ASA 101 and 103 courses here on Lake Tahoe.)  


When we’re here at the Tahoe Ridge we usually hike.  This is a shot from today’s venture, atop Round Mound… a “mini-mountain” on the southeast shore.   ?



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