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  1. This boat was modified from the original design slightly. I bought the boat from Kingston Wooden Boats in Beaufort, NC. I had Graham Byrnes check it out and will share his evaluation with anyone interested. I bought the boat for $3500 with trailer, sails, etc. I would like a reasonable offer. More information available to interested parties. Pictures are still at this site: https://kingstonwoodenboats.com/nautical-light-shows/17-core-sound-ketch/
  2. I bought this boat for the asking price of $3500 last October. The previous owner put new tires and hubs on the trailer prior to my purchase. I took it from Beaufort over to have Graham look her over to see if he had suggestions about the construction. He did have a few comments that were concerning him, but not necessarily a problem. Graham did say that he would as a minimum, reinforce the centerboard as it was built from plywood. The centerboard was built on the center line rather than offset and this resulted in the mizzen mast being mounted behind the case and is about 8" aft of the designed placement. Graham was interested to see how that affected the balance of the boat. Graham and Alan agreed to let me leave the boat at their shop over the winter, with a plan to pull the centerboard in the Spring and either make a new one or reinforce it with carbon fiber. I was also planning to replace the wood masts with the standard aluminum masts with track also. The current sails are designed for rolling on the mast for reefing. Since then, I decided that I would prefer to sell the boat as is if I can get a reasonable offer for it. The boat is at the B&B yacht yard for inspection until May. I will go back to plan A at that point and pick up the boat, completing the planned mods/fixes. Any offers? BOAT was SOLD on March 4, 2019.
  3. If you watch his track on the Watertribe site, it will give his speed at the last waypoint. Click on his avatar. http://www.watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeGMapper.aspx
  4. Jim, Did you ever finish your spray dodger project? Any picture of the final product? I keep looking at CS17 and wondering if I could use it as a camp cruiser. I don't really want the cabin MK111 model. Gary in Michigan
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