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Just For Laughs

Don Silsbe

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23 hours ago, ricknriver said:

Really neat little boats Chick.  What motors are they? Hope to see you this spring/summer when we're back in NC.  R  

Don't listen to Don!!! I'm NOT putting a big ol' Merc on it. I don't even HAVE a big Merc! ----but been looking at an old KG9H with stacks and quickie unit converted to burn alky on an antique boat site! But for now---a 30# thrust trolling motor will hafta do! Be sure to come see me when ya get back to NC. We'll go to the lake.


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23 hours ago, Oyster said:

Pretty cool boats,, Old Codgers  need to find a working Sea Gull engine  so that you can find your way back home following the oil slick.? 

I had one of those dang noisy, smokey, oil-slicky, cranky, hard to start things way back on my first little pocket yacht. NEVER again! I love Mr. Zuki too much to ever have any other.

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