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Don Silsbe

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Normally, I use a Suzuki 2.5 as auxiliary power on my Bay River Skiff.  On this particular day, I left it at the house.  I took a Japanese friend of mine, Shohei Toyoda, for a daysail.  We had a great time.  But the wind died, so I asked Shohei to paddle for awhile.  7CEC0AA1-4F69-4594-A366-99DF13889139.thumb.jpeg.b9c1c63f9fdda0bf5a13724b39a30d8e.jpegOn that day, my boat wasn’t powered by a Suzuki, it was powered by a Toyoda!  We still laugh at that joke.


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On 12/24/2021 at 12:22 PM, PadrePoint said:

I’ve appreciated the No-Ads approach of being a supporting member… at $12/year ($1/month)


I agree, it is a small price to pay to help support the financial burden of this forum and no ads is a great motivator. Frank should not have to bear the burden of the money to run this forum, and I doubt sincerely he is getting rich off this place. This forum is like my subscription to the Washington Post, it is part of my daily reading.

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I also get that or similar ads on this site but not others. I clicked on the “x” on the ad to tell google to stop showing it. It popped up with a message saying that since I had turned off ad personalization the ad was not targeted to me, but to the site in general. Now I am receiving boat trailer ads. Maybe it’s the “messing about in boats” theme that makes this site a target.


Also, I was not aware of the ad free option. Sounds good.


Related to targeted ads…I have a Wyze security camera. Prior to last weekend, in proximity to the camera and its microphone, I was talking to my sister about home COVID tests and who stocked them. The next time I picked up my phone there was a notification banner from Wyze telling me that the kits were in stock at a local drug store. The camera is always listening, and not just for the sound of a window breaking.


Finally, back to boats, my winter project is an 11’ Little Auk cedar strip kayak. In my old age the concept of car topping keeps shrinking.


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38 minutes ago, Chick Ludwig said:

HEY! Ya wanna get me a divorce!

When logged in I still get her full screen in all of her glory, maybe purchased in the middle of the page. I have the Advast ad blocker too.  But the 12 bucks I spend is spent not really to remove any ad, but to slip Frank a tip, even if I never post. 

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Oyster, I was referring to Don's comment---"...an outstanding figurehead on Chick’s mini-boat." when I replied ---"HEY! Ya wanna get me a divorce!"


By-the-way, this is the mini-boat he's talking about. I'm building a couple of them for myself and Miss Debbie. They're 8 feet long.




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