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Core Sound 17 or 20, Mk3 wanted.

Chick Ludwig

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I am in SW Florida. It is built from a kit. I have pretty much everything, including masts, rudder, centerboard, etc. All from B & B.  I also have the Sailrite kits for the sails. No trailer yet, because I have not needed one yet but used trailers aren't that hard to find down here.

Not sure about the price. I honestly had not thought about selling it until I saw your post. It is very close to being ready to flip over and glass the bottom.

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Why don't either you or your friend shoot me an email directly. I would sell it, but the price would depend on what all he wanted... and on how much more work I do on it.

My email address is ralph.bush at earthlink.net


If they are interested, I am sure we can come up with a reasonable price.

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Hellow NC Todd, 


This is Richard Johnson the owner and builder of Avocet. I can be reached at W10139@gmail.com.  or by phone at 252 515 6599.   You can see the build information on this sight under CS 17 Mk III Avocet.  


I'm not great with advertising but she comes with a very good trailer.  I just replace  the bearing, and it has a  spare tire.  I also replaced the leaf springs last year. 


She has custom made cushions which are very comfortable and serviceable.  We added ports at the front of the cabin and the 4 side windows open for ventilation.  We made a scoop for the front tabernacle compartment   to push air in.  This is a long winded way of saying,  good ventilation without bugs. 


Nice creature comforts. 


She is overbuilt in terms epoxy, she is very stiff.  I have dropped her off waves and she does not shiver and she surfs nicely. 


Finally it is much more important to me that she finds a  good home than  to extract every penny of value out of her.  


Best Regards  to all, and thank you.

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