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Electric Motor for Spindrift 10s . .

Pete McCrary

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On 12/18/2020 at 10:42 PM, Aphers said:

My trolling motor gets me up to about 3.5kt on a 3.1m RIB- it's a heavy wee boat, nearly double a Spindrift, and less easily driven. And it lives on a pontoon and has a dirty bottom. So I'd expect the Spindrift would go noticeably faster.

Just to update this, today I shortened the cables on my trolling motor, as I suspected that there was an appreciable voltage drop occurring. It has made a big difference, there is a real kick to it now and the voltmeter on the motor only drops one bar instead of three. It feels faster than it is, but it's happy at around 4kt now on the RIB.

I think it will be an excellent match for my S11N. A suitable compact lithium battery is a project for another day.

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Thanks for the tip on shortening cables.  The ones that came with my 2nd hand 55# TM are thick and very long from a canoe application, but using lighter LIPOs mid ships on the Amanda will allow them to be shortened a good bit. 

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