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Removable Trailering Lights


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It bothers me that I can't find the thread with another method of removable lights that inspired me.  It was a unit that attached to the transom using pintles on the bracket that slipped into the gudgeons  on the boat. As I have no aft deck, I could simple hook over the transom.  So that is what I did.


My original lights lasted 5 years.  Just a month before trailering from RI to FL one of them died.  I replaced it and now could drive safely through NY and DC and on to FL.  When I got to VA I noticed that the new light had been torn off.  No idea how.  But apparently I may have done that leg with just the left light. Time for a new set up. The rags being used as gaskets/chafe gear will be replaced by leather glued in place to the bracket when I finally get to my new house and my stuff shows up.



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Elegantly simple solution Dave. Also it packs up small when not in use.


I made a light bar as part of my mast carrier. Connects to the trailer harness at about the axle, but I have made them with wire running to the connector at the hitch. Goes in the truck when not in use.




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the light bar was one of the first things i created for each new(to me) boat/trailer i have had


w/ the old incandescent bulbs it sure reduces light failures/issues when all the wiring was kept out of the drink


i even had one to fit the Jeep when flat towing it


they virtually never failed and the lights ended up at eye level for following traffic




a few years ago i had a custom aluminium trailer built for a small FG/diesel trawler so i could launch n load solo and i was allowed in the factory/shop during it's construction which was quite eye opening


the parts they used for the lighting system were all sealed including the crimp on wire connectors which surprised me a bunch


i had that boat/trailer over 5 years w/ only 1 issue when MEESE chewed the wires inside the tongue which all got replaced using the new waterproof connectors


5+ years of dunking in both fresh and salt water and no other issues of any kind


i have wired my current build w/ some of these new fangled "waterproof" parts and am in hopes they will properly n dependably illuminate my precious new wooden toy's conveyance




i found the waterproof crimp ons and some low temp waterproof solder connectors that i am testing on this trailer


until these new fangled devices prove themselves in service i'll carry a set of clamp/tape ons just in case ?



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