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  1. sewcalled MISTAKES are simply learning what knot2do the next tyme ? sw
  2. a bit of thickened pox shaped just sew and some paint only you will ever know no knead 2 ask how i know ? ws
  3. andy00 is correct for a good beginning to your quest the DP uses a 36sqft sail directy from the Opti Pram design for the 16'± flat bottomed almost verticle sidded hull no center dagger or leeboard just the verticle plane of the side of the hull keeping them from sliding sideways too much stearing is accomplished w/ an oar for many of them there are several sets of holes designed in the gunn'ls for thole pins allowing one to row when the wind dies the skipper sits on either floorboards or on a cushion on the bottom the design is not set in stone and i have seen pics of boats from 12' >16' w/ variations of the sail design even w/ lug sails originally they were for commercial duck hunters providing meat for the markets they were also used as lighters for larger boats that couldn't get close to shore for loading/unloading there is a fair group of enthusiasts in the UK ¿ have i stirred the pot enuff this morning ? BON CHANCE sw
  4. sorry i'm late to class as i look on this pic i am reminded of a line that gets repeated often in the plans/instructions from Jim Michalak MARK CENTER LINES BOLDLY this procedure allows builders to keep track of the effects of their work on an assembly i have placed a sheet rock screw dead center on the bow/stem and stern/transom of builds since reading this instruction and it aids in seeing and measuring the "squareness" of a hull as it progresses there is a slot in the tips of tapemeasures that hooks conveniently over the screw head(centered) that can be used for measuring diagonals for pointy bow'd vessels measuring diagonals emanate from dead center fwd going to the aft corners on prams the diagonals can be measured in both directions keeping a string line/center line aids in casual monitoring WEEZER, Great beginning now onward thru the thread sw
  5. the light bar was one of the first things i created for each new(to me) boat/trailer i have had w/ the old incandescent bulbs it sure reduces light failures/issues when all the wiring was kept out of the drink i even had one to fit the Jeep when flat towing it they virtually never failed and the lights ended up at eye level for following traffic a few years ago i had a custom aluminium trailer built for a small FG/diesel trawler so i could launch n load solo and i was allowed in the factory/shop during it's construction which was quite eye opening the parts they used for the lighting system were all sealed including the crimp on wire connectors which surprised me a bunch i had that boat/trailer over 5 years w/ only 1 issue when MEESE chewed the wires inside the tongue which all got replaced using the new waterproof connectors 5+ years of dunking in both fresh and salt water and no other issues of any kind i have wired my current build w/ some of these new fangled "waterproof" parts and am in hopes they will properly n dependably illuminate my precious new wooden toy's conveyance i found the waterproof crimp ons and some low temp waterproof solder connectors that i am testing on this trailer until these new fangled devices prove themselves in service i'll carry a set of clamp/tape ons just in case ? sw
  6. hey Chick, you mention stabiity and i'm wondering how much you weigh/have loaded in her being a certified LARDUSS BOTTOMUSS MAXIMUSS who is looking for a jaunty design forces me to ask as for the 2 versions ... why knot combine the 2 by building an electric rudder that utilizes the same mounting system as the rudder for the saiing version ? Dynamite Payson built one many years ago and i can't find the article butt here are a couple pics of what i'm thinking if i find an attractive DIY kayak that will carry my weight i do plan to try my hand at making one myself BON CHANCE sw
  7. i stumbled onto this pic some time ago and had been wondering about her origin FOR A WHILE and this morning i found this source and had to join ¿ any afterthoughts/comments ? sw
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