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Trailer for Core Sound Mark 3 boats.

Steve W

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Ken is exactly right. I have the black rollers and the yellow ones and one of solid starboard that I made and all of them as well as some of the brackets show some signs of distortion, not to mention the ones that I have replaced. It is clear that I am putting more weight on the rollers than they can handle. Doubling them up must surely be an improvement.

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That looks like a nice combo.


That is a very substantial trailer. All of the trailers I looked at in that "weight" class had very stiff suspensions. Due to a strange situation (got rear ended) I once had my Sea Pearl (600#) on my Sea Ray 180's  (2800#) trailer. It was a maddening combo. The suspension was so stiff that the Sea Pearl was bouncing in a very jarring motion. I wound up having to cinch the boat down in three spots to keep it from the jarring bounce. Did you get a suspension on a trailer that big for a sub-thousand pound load? 

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Hi Steve, we had the trailer “custom” built for our boat.  It has 14 inch wheels, a 3500 drop axle with 1,500 springs and their heavy aluminum I beams.  The trailer weighs about 700 lbs, so the boat seems to enjoy a smooth ride. The frame goes around the entire perimeter of the boat, and sits very low.   The guys that built it have a lot of trailer stuff and were very accommodating.  They just gather the parts and bolt them together like a erector set. 

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On 2/15/2019 at 2:29 PM, Jknight611 said:

Well, after 18 months of indecision and general waffling,  Southern Express is luxuriously lounging on her new aluminum frame trailer.  





That trailer looks great.  I don't want to pry into what you paid for it, but would you be willing to share a parts list or an invoice (maybe with the prices blacked out), or maybe the name of the guy(s) that built it for you, so that I could look into getting a similar one?  


Also, it is hard to see from the photo, but how many rollers (if any) are underneath the keel?




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The trailer with all the extra dodads I had installed was about $2200.  There was a little upcharge because I needed the axle forward of where they normally place them for powerboats.  Seems a trailer frame this size normally has a 300 hp outboard on the boat. It has 4 long bunks the boat  lounges  on.  They are shaped to the bottom of the hull so we have about 65 linear feet of 2x8 carpeted bunks supporting the hull.  Seems to ride fine and is much easier to unload an load.   The only marks on the hull have occurred with trailer ops with the previous trailer,  hope this trailer helps. 

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When I was at the Messabout, the trailer I liked best was Michael's. It was the lowest to the ground and the simplicity of the wide bunk boards supporting the swing keel made sense. You can see the dent where his board was resting on the left bunk board. I don't see why the keel would be stronger than the vertical bulkheads directly above these bunk boards, although I wouldn't hesitate to rest it on the keel.


I thought because it was so narrow in support it would be "tippy" but it wasn't. Being that I am mostly in fresh water, I find dipping the trailer to not be a problem, whereas I can see if I was in salt water how the keel roller would make sense.




Is there anything I'm not seeing?

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I realized I'd never come back to show what I did for my trailer. My objective was to get as small and light a trailer as I could that would support Skeena safely and also allow her to fit in my garage with the door closed. After having hauled her to the Chesapeake once (8 hours) , Maine once (9.5 hours) and many local trips, I'm very happy with the rig.


Keep in mind I sail locally in fresh water. Also, while an aluminum trailer is what I really wanted, they have been being stolen fro scrap and I leave mine for long periods. Probably overblown and there is the cheapness I inherited. I bought this trailer: Model JB1812. https://www.continentaltrailers.com/galvanized-bassboat_jonboat.htm


I had a similar trailer for a Sea Pearl and I really liked it. I did jettison the bunk boards and put some 6" PT wide carpeted bunks, carefully positioning them so the centerboard slot is centered on the port one. This allows me to let the CB lay on the bunk. I cleat it loose in case the boat shifts but it hasn't happened.  Also, before I put the carpet on, I glued some 3/8" closed cell foam to make the bunks gently cradle Skeena.  1813402101_2020-10-0216_26_37.thumb.jpg.2df783508177ebbc73528c0168ab5a7f.jpg

From the front:



The rollers are rally just there to keep the boat centered and don't have any weight on them.


I did have a bit of trouble getting her centered when I retrieved off a gravel beach, so I added these guides. Because they are near the back where the boat is narrower, They are set a bit wide, but they get the job done.



I trailer with the rudder on locally, but I put her in the truck bed for long trips. The motor rides right there. I have a nice lock on it. The strap is off as it blocks access to the seat lockers. Also notice I stole Graham's sprit cradle idea. It's brilliant.




Anyway, every trailer is a compromise, but I can just barely get the boat into my 24' deep garage and close it. Yeah!


Take Care,


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that’s a lot of information to digest but iam hungry for information (pardon the pun) on the trailer thing. I did buy a trailer secondhand made for a power boat, this trailer only has bunk rails my roller tray will be a nice addition to the ease getting the boat off/on the trailer. I haven’t spent much time looking at the trailer till now though I would build the boat first and worry about the trailer last. I probably will strip the trailer down and fit everything to my cs 20mk3  I will go out and look more closely at the trailer today and see if it is the right candidate for a make over.



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My Core Sound 20 Mk 3 (Chessie) and trailer were sold back in July to Erik (NowWeDoItMyWay).  Here’s a photo of her trailer:



By the time I sold Chessie, I only had a few occasions to launch her on the new trailer.  She rolled right off and otherwise performed as expected.  Erik would be able to report her performance after multiple launching and recoveries.


Here’s a link to my posting of the trailer’s design and construction:



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