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  1. NowWeTryItMyWay

    Core Sound 20 Mk. 3 #22 - Essex Fells, NJ

    One early question on the washboard (C6) that drops down to close up the cabin... It has holes cut out and it came with oval shaped lights (C7a) and window flanges (C6b). I'm wondering what is the right way to assemble this? I think the procedure is, epoxy paint everything to seal it, then paint, then drop the light in with caulk, and attach the flange with removable fasteners. However, for the deadlights in the cabin, there is an inner and outer ring, and you glue in a rivet nut between them which you use to attach the outer ring. Here, there is no inner ring, just a rabbet in the washboard. I could just use screws. . . but it seems like that would be too simple.
  2. NowWeTryItMyWay

    Core Sound 20 Mk. 3 #22 - Essex Fells, NJ

    Yep, I'm in northern New Jersey, so the leaves are falling in force here. Some early progress. Got the crate emptied out and inventoried the parts. Rather than starting with the hull strakes I've been hunting through the instructions for all the free-floating bench projects, to cut down the number of loose parts that are now occupying every spare surface in the shop. My assistant has claimed the empty crate and is no longer interested in sanding.
  3. NowWeTryItMyWay

    Core Sound 20 Mk. 3 #22 - Essex Fells, NJ

    Thanks all, yes I've built a couple of small open boats before, but just based on unpacking the crate, this one has more parts by a factor of 10 at least! I'm looking forward to the challenge but also regretting not buying Chick's boat when it was for sale last year.
  4. Hello- Kit was just delivered today, very excited to be getting started! Will try to post lots of photos and will surely be asking for help! First job is just to inventory all the parts! NowWeTryItMyWay

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