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OK256 in Vanuatu


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Thank you for your comments. Definitely recreation. Where we are in Vanuatu is fantastic for boating. We are surrounded by great diving and snorkelling spots. The sportfishing possibilities are abundant with Tuna, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Sailfish etc etc. all within easy reach of Havannah Harbour where the boat will be moored. Can't wait! 

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Had the chance to mount the engine on Friday so went ahead. Still working on interior details which are not photo worthy as yet. Unfortunately the transom reflects the unfinished work on the swim platform but that is getting close to completion.



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Here are some pictures of our progress. We have gone as far as we can for now and have stopped until our engine installer comes at the end of the month. We will be doing sea trials before September. There is still detailing work to be done in the interior. Hopefully next post will see her in the water. 


Interior 3.JPG



Swim Platform.JPG


rear seat step.JPG

256 looking aft.JPG

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" Do you have more pictures of the transom seating?  I'm really interested in the concept of how it was constructed."

Hi Carolina Flare - The seating at the transom area is very basic. There are two side "pods" house the batteries which come up above the sole . The tops form an entry step from the swim platform.The bench seat is made to drop in to place between these. It can be removed for access to bilge pumps, wiring unions etc. It would also suit removal for sport fishing if anyone wanted to stand closer to the support of the transom itself. The design came together a little bit at a time. It would have been so much better to have had the skill to design it properly before construction. That way it could have been built off the boat where a higher standard of finish would have been possible prior to install. Any photo I have of the process would be detrimental to the intending builder as I would do it all by a more efficient process if I had to do it again.

All those wanting the boat at the Messabout can start contributing gas money!  

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On Tuesday 29th in the afternoon we were ready for our first sea trial after our engine man Craig Huett finalised the install. We launched without too much hassle, cracked the champagne and my wife Katrina christened her Sheila B after her late mother.

The inevitable small sorting details were noted but otherwise she went really well. Love the Evinrude G2. We hit 40 knots in a light chop. The boat is very dry and easy to handle. Unfortunately we had no chase boat for on water shots but that will follow soon. I think we made it to be first ones on the water with an Ocracoke 256 but would have to have that confirmed by others. We are very much looking forward to enjoying some great times aboard.













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