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Motor Canoe project

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The pix of the original Stars I've seen looked like gaff rigs but apparently were gunters.  This is from the Wikipedia article Starboard cited:  "Stars were originally rigged with a large, low-aspect-ratio gunter mainsail and jib, which was replaced by a short bermuda rig in 1921, before the current tall bermuda sail plan was adopted in 1930."

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We've talked about this already, Chick, but let me weigh in on the matter here on the forum.  This is the best way to really open the "debate", I think.   I really don't think you're going to gain m

Here are some "screen shots" from Alan:        

NO-NO-NO Tiger. that ain't a keel. That's an optional safety rail to grab on to if ya turn the durn canoe over with that big 150 hp Merc that's some red neck bass fisher guy is gonna hang on the back.

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Don, I already have my plywood. The canoe will be built from 4mm Okoume. It has to be able to bend easily, so thicker panels may not work. I don't think Greenville has 4mm. Also, some panels bend easier that others depending on how thick the inner plys are. I'd like to see what they sell "in person". I bought some of the wrong kind of 4mm once, and it would not take the bend required on a canoe. Graham carries both types.

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Robert, I dunno yet. I gotta lay the patterns out on some actual plywood and see. Lotsa "life" been goin' on to keep me from getting started. Another few days.


Don, I'd forgotten how purty your canoe is.


I was just thinking about how all of this got started. I'm so thankful to be part of the B&B gang. And it all started from meeting Graham at a Beaufort boat show, then going to a paddle event. So many years of enjoyment building an using these wonderful boats! Messing about...

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Haha. Life.

Just curious is all. Gosh, it'll be a long while before I even consider starting another boat.:)

Finishing a kayak I'm going to give away (just paint), finishing my dumb boat off, then the Core Sound I bought needs finishing, and then the wife's Sneakeasy we got needs rehabbed.


Whew. Now I'm tired. I need to go lay down.:)




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So, we're finally getting started. Well, at least it's the beginning of the beginning of getting started. Finally finished my kitchen job for Miss Debbie, built the new box turtle pen, hacked down the Winter's yard growth, caught up on our children's ministry stuff for church, got summer Breeze about ready for the Southern Appalachian Messabout, etc., etc., etc.,.....


Heck, now I'm too pooped do do anything! And between Miss Debbie Saturday stuff and Sunday church stuff, it'll be Monday before I can get started cutting boat stuff out. Guess I'll just roll the paper pattern out and see if I can get a couple of pictures for y'all. Just to prove that this dang thing is really gonna happen. And maybe I can get the building cradle started before Miss Debbie calls for dinner---I mean supper.





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Not much to report. Between getting ready for our messabout and other stuff, all I've accomplished is finishing the building cradle.


Well, actually, i also had a mess of garage clean-up/move around to get to my plywood stock. Now I'll begin cutting the actual canoe parts. Hang with me, we'll get together again in a few days. Probably after our messabout this weekend.


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Don, 4mm. The hull parts are marked out and cut now, along with the three temporary bulkheads. I'll be designing the interior arrangement as the build progresses.


Here are a few pictures. 


Using an awl to mark through the pattern into the plywood.



A spline is used to "connect the dots" and draw the line to cut to. Two pieces of ply are stacked together and cut together.



The joints are glass taped together. Port and starboard side and bottoms are stacked together with plastic sheets between to keep the poxy from sticking them together. Plenty of weights and clamps to hold it all together.



That's about all I have time for before this weekend's messabout. Summer Breeze and I hope to see some of y'all there. Next week we'll get together and wire the parts together.

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