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  1. EBay has the motor parts catalog for sale: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Pennys-Foremost-3-5-HP-Outboard-Motor-Parts-Catalog_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ26453QQitemZ4548921507QQrdZ1 You can always get it and see. I havn't seen that one but I have seen air cooled outboards, they are good for salt water.
  2. JeffM Try ezthmb its a program to change the size of the picture for use on the internet. If you can't find it just send me a message and I'll get it to you.
  3. Have you tryed hanging them from the dock. I had the same problem with mine so I hung them at an angle from the dock and stopped the problem.
  4. Hay Greg, do you get the boat to add to your boat yard when you get done.
  5. For all the national debt, don't you kind of wonder were all the money went. Funny how they measured your boat, never heard of them going from anywhere then the length at the water line. But if they can make some more money I'm sure that they will do it. Just don't tell them here in Michigan, the governor would jump at the chance. I don't see many water cops, but some coastguard. That only when you come in from the lake. It used to be if you didn't have a motor on the boat then you didn't need to register it but like you said going into other states is a problem. Kind of like taxation with out representation, but the repersentives are the ones taxing us. Abut all you can do is lobby with allot of other boaters and make them sweat, have your wife go. lol
  6. The Vector does look interesting. Where in Michigan are you located? Wyoming, Michigan. But I sail out of Muskegon.
  7. How about The Vector, I started to make one for my kids but ran out of money. Bad year for projects. http://www.stevproj.com/SpecPurp.html
  8. Must be spring, Let the boat building and rework begin.
  9. Ouch, so much for his license. I would have thought he would have had the engine on stand by. I leave mine running when sailing in, you can never tell if the current or some smart operator may cause you to make a fast move. If you hear any thing else on the damage can you post it. I'm very limited on what information I have been able to get.
  10. I have been following the story, and see that they now have the ship in for repairs after freeing it. My question for any one that was there. Did they ever set the anchors? I would think they would, but it doesn
  11. I think the hardest part of the Victor is the narrow beam. The models that I have made seem to topple very easy if I make it to scale. If I add more beam it works better. Now to try it full size. :shock:
  12. Nice job, I love the humor link.
  13. Wow it looks like my backyard.
  14. This a cool link, I look forward to seeing the ship completed.
  15. Wow what a great trip. Thanks for sharing it.The pictures are outstanding.
  16. Great video's, I showed them to my co-workers.
  17. Happy birthday! I was 10 once. :shock: Well :roll: I must have been. Humm that was awhile ago..... I should have stayed ten, it was more fun. csg
  18. Electric motors are nice, quite, and easy to stow. But... My friend and I were out on his weekender, the wind shifted direction and was coming from the direction of our landing. We were about five-mile away and it was getting dark. It was not a strong wind so we decided to head in. It was the boats first time out and still did not have its running lights on, but it was a shack down cruse so we didn't really want to stay out to long. The little electric motor slowly moved us in the direction of the landing and the sun started its down word lag. It was the first time for ether one of use to be out on a Weekender. For a small boat the Weekender had handled well though most of the time that we had been out had been under the power of the small electric motor. With three miles left to go and the sky getting darker the wind had died completely. Three miles, no sweat we would be in before it got to dark. It was about then when I asked Pat if he had slowed down the motor. He replied no. But the motor was running slower. We went on, no wind, no lights and getting darker. The motor was really starting to die and the wind was now little puffs of air coming and going. We watched a Sheriffs boat pulling another boat, but he didn't see us. We were now in the dark, no motor, and the wind picking up from the direction we were going in. We had not really sailed the Weekender up to this point but the wind was blowing at about 3 mph so we turned the boat and let it catch the wind. We had movement, positive rudder and were now sailing but this meant tacking to get to the landing. Now I have been sailing for allot of years so this was not a problem, it would just take time. This was a first for my friend and his little boat was doing fine. The problem was that no one could see us out there. So every time we heard a boat we would watch to see that it was well clear of us. We did about 8 long tacks of about 1/2 a mile each time and about 6 short tacks. Each time it seemed that the wind had picked up that much more. The Weekender handled as well as the factory boats that I have sailed but could go much shallower so we tacked close to the buoy on the last tack. The wind running down the channel that we had to go up. With paddles in hand we spent the better part of an hour going against the current and the wind to get the boat back. The Weekender is an impressive boat, we had gone from motoring to sailing to rowing and other then the running lights and dead battery had been allot of fun. Now for the but part. The battery had died in less then an hour. With the wind building up as high as it did I don't think we could have used it to get us back anyway. Electric motors always seem to be a little under powered in the long haul. The wiring was redone to make sure we where not losing power that way but with one battery we were relying on it to much. We had this problem two more times even with a 2nd battery on board. If you added the weight of the two batteries you have the weight of a good size outboard. My friend Pat borrowed my 3hp dinghy gas motor but said other then the fact that the battery did not run down it still didn't have enough power. I was able to pick him up a 5hp outboard gas motor at a garage sale. What a difference that made. Yes its smells but it has more power then he will ever need. Say what you want, its better to have a little to much then just enough power. If you
  19. Hay at a buck a mag :shock: you could make a new boat I think you have me beat, but not by much. I think the pic's take there toll on the site. :roll: If you get in a pinch there are allot of use that will always be willing to help out. Thanks for a great web site.
  20. Greg, do you really want to use Bondo. I have seen it powder after a season of use around water. Has any one else had this happen?
  21. Your should ask Pat how he made his trailer. He had it done it a weekend. I have pulled it with my truck and you can't hardly tell its there. Loads and unload nice. http://www.messing-about.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=250&papass=&sort=1&thecat=500
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