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  1. Cool naval warfare stuff from a long time ago. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Archimedes_Heat_Ray_conceptual_diagram.png http://www.smith.edu/hsc/museum/ancient_inventions/shipshaker2.html
  2. Yup. Lincoln, NE. I just finished up a Walgreens up there in South Sioux. Breaking ground on another one up in Sioux Falls this month. Going there tomorrow, as a matter of fact. My mom's originally from Marcus up there around you, for whatever that's worth. Konrad
  3. By the way, looks like the BYYB site is down. Has it been that way long?
  4. Well I only stop in here about twice a year anymore, but thought I'd stick my head in the door and say "hi". Good to see the bulletin board is alive and well. Lots of sawdust this summer, I hope. And perhaps a few launchings? I must confess that with two boys under the age of 4, I never even got my Vacationer out of the storage unit. :cry: Oh well, they'll keep taking my rent money. Let's hear a report, huh?
  5. Anyone got a good trick for getting white latex off of a slab? I don't own a power washer.
  6. Hi you guys! I don't get over here much, except to stir the pot now and then, but just wanted to pop in and wish you all the best. (And especially Frank for keeping the place open for business.) Our first-born is 28 months old now, and he "sort of" gets what Santa is all about. I suspect in the next 30 min when he wakes up and goes upstairs he's going to "get it" a whole lot more! I don't know who's more excited, him or me. Being a dad is the coolest promotion in life.... 8)
  7. My whole fam is sick, so I'm taking care of them. I can't wait until I can go back to work and get some REST. :? I set out for Mitchell yesterday morning. I turned back at Seward after my second 360 deg rotation in the company car on I-80. :shock:
  8. I've decided to skip a step in the process and just put Resolve Carpet Cleaner straight into the 7 month old's baby bottles. That way when he spits up on the carpet, it'll clean right up!
  9. ..there I was when I found a slice of processed cheese down the side of the bed. While I was eating it I got to wondering whether or not it'd be worth it to trim the hedges. So it was up the road, turned right last Thursday, and BAM! I ran out of gas. There was also a single slice of Terry's chocolate orange, but the dog got that after I lifted the bed. Same mutinous critter who gulped a whole stick of butter off the counter a year ago. Could be worse, he came running down the hall last month with a steak knife in his mouth. Olives cause ear hair, don't you know.. But let us consider what Chitlins are: They are hog intestines. Crimony, what a night.
  10. Most of you will not remember "Mike in Lincoln", but he posted here from time to time, about 4 years ago. Here's the short version of my connection with Mike: He came up to me 5 yrs ago while I was out at the lake and liked my boat. He bought plans and started to build. I moved to the east coast, took the boat with. Soon quit the east coast job and came back to Nebraska. Mike got me a job at the architecture firm we're both at. Fast forward 4 years. My boat has been slowly showing it's age from use and storage since I completed it in 1999, but Mike never finished his boat. It just sat in his garage all that time. For reasons I can't explain, him and his whiff got motivated over the last 8 weeks and have actually completed their boat!! They're going to launch it this weekend at Conestoga Lake in Lincoln, NE. I recommended it because it's small and never has a crowd of people. During your luanch day, the last thing you need is a line of pee-d off fisherman staring at you on the boat ramp while you deal with first-timer issues (and those of you sailing ALL know what I'm talking about). Anyway, like I said, Mike doesn't post here anymore. But it's always fun to hear about a launching, so when I get more facts and photos, I'll be back. Probably early next week. Cheers!
  11. All good points. I do like its color and up until this year I was happy with its performance. The clamping issue.. I didn't own $200 worth of clamps at the time I built the boat (and I still don't) so I relied on glue-and-screw method. It's very possible this was part of the problem. But I still think that the recent exposure to wide seasonal changes was the catalyst that pushed the joint beyond its limit. Otherwise this would have shown up several years sooner, I think. I'm not talking about catastrophic failure of any part of the boat, just some annoying age starting to show up. I'll snap a photo in a day or two.
  12. As some of you old-schoolers know, my Vacationer is now 6 years old. I almost exlusively used Weldwood to make the boat. There are a few areas where it seems epoxy may have been a better choice. Secifically, the rubrails are wanting to separate from the hull. That glue joint has separated in a few places around the perimeter of the boat. And no, it's not from dockside abuse. My suspicion is that epoxy has a greater modulus of elasticity than Weldwood. Which doesn't matter, unless your boat is going to see wide climate swings like mine has recently. Up until a year ago, the boat lived in a semi-heated shop all winter. But we've moved and now it lives under a tarp in the drive way. I think the temp changes and humidity swings have played hell with the weldwood bond since it's moved outdoors. I think that stuff is very brittle once it's cured. Keep in mind that here in Nebraska, we regularly experience a temp differential of about 120 degrees in any 12 month period. It was 104 three weeks ago, and in 5 months it'll be 15 below. It's not like the boat is coming apart at the seams, but this all started this last year. Just some thoughts to pass along.
  13. Mike, In a few months we'll begin a Walgreens up in Mitchell, which appears to be not entirely far from you. Where do you sail again? We're also going to do one in Yankton starting this month, but that's further away from you than Mitchell. Gimme somethin' to look forward to, man! Konrad
  14. Hells-bells, I can't read all of those replies, but let me say this: My mast has been warped that much since the day I made it 6 years ago, and the Vacationer doesn't give a dang. Seriously, quit worrying and go sail.
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