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  1. June 3-5 is right around the corner. Find full details at lakepepinmessabout.com Bill Paxton Apple Valley, MN
  2. It is not too early to reserve some tent space for the Lake Pepin Messabout on June 3-5. Use the event website to drop me a note if you want some camping space. Bill Paxton
  3. This year's Lake Pepin Messabout will be June 3-5. Once again we'll be in Lake City, on the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Full details are on the website at lakepepinmessabout.com Bill Paxton
  4. Yes. The Lake Pepin Messabout will be June 3-5. Full details at http://lakepepinmessabout.com
  5. May Christmas be happy and memorable for you. Bill
  6. Glad to hear Sultana is getting ready to sail again. She is one of the best looking boats I've ever seen. I even had the privilege of sailing on her at Lake Conroe several years ago. I hope the turkey feather wind indicator is still intact. Bill Paxton
  7. Congratulations, Al! There is no feeling like sailing a boat you built yourself. In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. Then you go sailing for the first time... I spent the entire first season with SURPRISE making little changes so the sailing experience would be easier and more enjoyable. But that's part of the fun. Fair winds. Bill
  8. Congratulations on launching such a beautiful boat. The fun is just beginning. In addition to the tips posted above, there is also a demonstration of mast raising on the Stevenon video. Bill
  9. When I was building my Weekender everyone said that condensation and rot would occur in a sealed space. I believed them, so I made sure air could flow through the seatbacks by placing air holes at each end. However I still wanted buoyancy so I glued the tops onto empty milk jugs and secured them behind the seatbacks. There is a strap that runs through each jug handle and is secured to the underside of the deck. This prevents rattling.
  10. It was great fun watching you launch the Lake Scow, and put it through it's paces. It's one fast boat! Here is a link to some photos of it at the Lake Pepin Messabout. http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=lakescow Bill Paxton
  11. That's a very cool boat, Steve. Can't wait to see it later today at the messabout. Bill
  12. Thanks for the PR, Frank. Nicely done! Bill
  13. Everything is looking good for this year's messabout. Spring has come early, which will be a break for those guys building a boat to bring. The event will be June 4-6, and full details are at lakepepinmessabout.com . Bill
  14. This year the Lake Pepin Messabout will be June 4-6. It's hard to imagine in the midst of all the snow and cold, but it's fun to look forward to it. Full details are on the event website at http://lakepepinmessabout.com . Bill Paxton
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