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  1. Yes, the good and bad of texture. I built a canard airplane with laminar flow. I could land her at 45 mph normally, yet would stall at 55 in a rain. A series of crashes in small passenger planes using laminar and icing is the negative of this. The last I checked, I don’t paddle that fast so no worry.
  2. I agree on getting low. I watched a new concepts, Zone here in florida for sale for two years. It was so unstable no one could use it unless you were into surfing I suppose. I bought it knowing the sit on top seat was raised a few inches from the bottom. After cutting out the seat and folding it down to the bottom and re-glassing, it is now a wonderful boat. Used it in the Gulf with waves from everywhere, what a difference.
  3. First spell check won yesterday, the fabric is weathermax. I don’t think I would use it either. It really got lose over night, but looks good. I am leaning towards nylon and two part urethane. I have done a lot of building using resins and this is just another resin I am used to. You are right about texture and water. Some study was done on this and there is an advantage found in sea life due to the not smooth texture of a creatures body related to speed. In my planes, texture and anything else was a disadvantage.
  4. I will follow with a few pics, and yes, I just signed up on this forum. Read a lot of great inputs here and am impressed. My first skin on frame was built in 1956 and followed with it’s destruction going down little Muskegon river into big M. My next was in 1961, a canoe, both without plans and old time canvas. I did do a few others, all pretty shaky, but fun. Also did two home built airplanes along the way with wood and poly skins shrunk on the frame, crashed one making kindling of Sitka spruce and foam LOL. For those smarter than me, Look up weatherman 80, 8 0z with a tight weav
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