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  1. So you need someone to lend you a kid or a reasonable hand drawn facsimile? I’ll see how much shipping is from Nova Scotia!!
  2. Hi. I was about to embark upon building a tadpole for my 11 year old son. He's about 85 pounds and when I mocked up a cockpit based on the tadpole, it was very difficult for him to get in and out of. Being 11, he's also probably on the edge of a growth spurt. He has paddled my 17 foot plastic Boreal Designs Baffin P2 and liked it way more than his 10 foot old town. ( and instantly commented on how he wants a narrower boat) From what I can see, the ravenswood LV looks like the PERFECT in between boat but looking for input. Tks.
  3. Hi. When you took these pictures do you have a geuss on how tall/heavy your son was at the time? I'm about to embark upon a tadpole for my 11 year old and I'm really skeptical about his legs fitting thru the fuselage piece that is under the front of the combing.
  4. Hi! I’m painting a vardo this weekend. Very excited. - will a quart of paint do enough coats or is it best to buy a gallon? - I’ve read that it’s a good idea to thin the first coat. What kind of thinner and what ratio of thinner to paint ? I plan on using Tremclad oil based rust paint. The Canadian branding of rustoleum. Thanks.
  5. We excellent I glued the plans to mdf if I ever build another so I can just make 2 bottom rings. Easy peasy
  6. I’m making a combing out of three pieces of plywood. I have the book. I understand the process. question: are the two lower rings identical ? I sort of did a not super job of gluing my pattern to wood to cut it out and they are slightly different and I don’t know if this is by design or not
  7. Hehe. Yep. I found it. Ended up making my own from tracing the part out. Thanks
  8. Hi! Well, I've got my first Vardo all cut out and stringers are all lashed on. Boy it's fun to look at it in this stage. I cut the cross sections out over 7 years ago and they have just been sitting in my shed. I have jeff's book for assembly and a PDF however I seem to be missing a step. I have little curved pieces about the size of a hotdog cut out, and written on them "Combing supports" but can't find instructions on where they go. I am guessing they go in the 2 little slots in the Masik to hold up the combing ? Or do they go behind the seat by chance? Any tips would be great. Thanks. (and Pics would be awesome)
  9. Title says it all. Are they affiliated at all ?
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