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  1. I ended up stuck on the end of a branch stub lurking just below the surface. Left a dent in the fabric but no puncture. Probably shouldn’t have been paddling as fast as I was in this murky river but I was having too much fun. I do have the brass rub strip on the bow and stern where I commonly ground it but I was flying up the river!
  2. Still have some cosmetic items to finish but I’ve had it on the water. Paddles great! I did manage to tip over getting into it one time, still getting used to that. I have run aground on logs a few times also and haven’t ripped it, putting my mind at ease about its toughness. Planning on a camping trip with it at the end of them month. So glad I built this.
  3. Ready for paint! Once I figured out which technique I wanted to use the sewing went pretty fast. It’s amazing how much it will smooth out and tighten when you run a hot iron over the polyester.
  4. Thanks! Hope to start the skinning process tonight.
  5. FROG!! Still have to paint and mount the top two coaming rings but other than that it’s ready to seal the wood. Not completely sold on my hatches but they are standard 8 and 10 inch sized so I can add commercial ones later if need be.
  6. The end of the lashing is in sight! Hope to have it all lashed together by the end of the weekend. Guess I need to order the fabric soon.
  7. Couldn’t resist. Had to put some of the pieces together to see if it would be boat shaped. I still have to do a little more prep and then I can solidly mount the frames to their brackets and start to permanently assemble it.
  8. Hillbilly bench sander to the rescue! Made much shorter work of shaping the coaming.
  9. Looks great! Hope mine ends up anywhere near that nice.
  10. Gluing up some gunwales! I definitely need more clamps!
  11. Frames all cut! Now on to some routing and sanding and stringer cutting.
  12. Was able to finally put saw to wood this weekend. My wife is suggesting paint schemes already.
  13. I'm getting ready to start a Ravenswood up here in Wake Forest and was curious what wood you used and where you were able to purchase it.
  14. Plans should arrive Saturday. I'm excited to get started! I hope to have this on the water by prime summer kayak season.
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