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  1. Couldn’t resist. Had to put some of the pieces together to see if it would be boat shaped. I still have to do a little more prep and then I can solidly mount the frames to their brackets and start to permanently assemble it.
  2. Hillbilly bench sander to the rescue! Made much shorter work of shaping the coaming.
  3. Looks great! Hope mine ends up anywhere near that nice.
  4. Gluing up some gunwales! I definitely need more clamps!
  5. Frames all cut! Now on to some routing and sanding and stringer cutting.
  6. Was able to finally put saw to wood this weekend. My wife is suggesting paint schemes already.
  7. I'm getting ready to start a Ravenswood up here in Wake Forest and was curious what wood you used and where you were able to purchase it.
  8. Plans should arrive Saturday. I'm excited to get started! I hope to have this on the water by prime summer kayak season.
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