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  1. I can’t remember what the color was called on the card but it’s pink.
  2. This was my solution to the backrest. I’ve added hip pads since this photo and it’s a perfect fit now.
  3. Finished her up and took her out for a test run on the lake during my lunch hr today. She seems to turn quite easily with a small bit of edge. Visually I really like this design. I had used the 3/8 okoume plywood with red cedar. Two coats of paint and she comes in at 27 lbs. I know some were interested in how she did with the 3/8 plywood. I honestly think she is going to do fine. I couldn’t notice any potential issues when I had her out. I guess the real test is after a season or two is under the belt.
  4. The heat process was what worried me about it. I have some leftover cedar I was considering.
  5. Has anyone here tried keelEasy on their sof? If so how did it work out?
  6. Started skinning today. Jeff this is a beautiful design.
  7. Got the short shot lashed and oiled. Used red cedar and 3/8 okoume plywood.
  8. It is pretty light though. The kayak and the coaming after I oiled them are just over 20 lbs.
  9. Wasn’t about how light I could get it. It was what was available and how long I’d have to wait for more to come in. That being said I have no issues using it and testing it in the water. If it works great. If not I can pass that knowledge along.
  10. I did. I’ll have it ready for frog pics tomorrow.
  11. Local lumber yard only has 3/8 Okoume plywood in stock right now. Is the sufficient or should I just what till more 1/2 stock comes in? And holy crap have prices gone up since I last bought!
  12. Is this Not one of your designs? I apologize if it isn’t. I made an assumption that it was posted in your forum.
  13. I see this boat on Jeff’s Fb page and was wondering if the builder or Jeff would share the build info. I’m particularly interested in the skinning process. I do not see a seam line.
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