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  1. Well I'm happy to say the boat has been sold to Bill Clark of Vermont. I understand the boat will spend summers up in Cape Bretton Canada. I'm so glad to find a good home for the boat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The link doesn't work. If you search you tube for "Core Sound 20 Doug Cameron" you'll find the video. I'll post some current pictures shortly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm selling my 2008 Core Sound 20-MK1. I bought this used from Doug Cameron 2 seasons ago and after sailing for 2 seasons I/we have determined it is not the right boat for the family at this time. Although very fast and capable boat, it is a little too lively for the family. Currently the boat only has its main mast and sail for I was dismasted two weeks ago due to a corrosion in the base of the mizzen mast. You can read about in this in the B&B forum, just search for CS20 Dismasted. Oddly enough, the dismasting had no bearing on the decision to sell. The main mast has no corrosion for I was constructed slightly differently. I am currently sourcing out the needed materials for a new mast and will ether sell as is or build a mast over the winter. Asking price is $6,500 or BRO. The boat is located in Portland, Maine. Now about the boat: Again, this is Doug Cameron's Core Sound MK1 that he built and sailed several times in the Everglades Challenge. Hull No. 85. Doug replaced the boat with the MK-3 version. Boat Statistics: 20 foot planning cat ketch sprit rigged centerboard sail boat, MK-1 version 8" draft with board up, 3' 9" with board down 6' 3" beam approximately 550 lbs displacement Includes Full Batten mainsail with extra high roach,extra stiff battens, 2 reefs, and slides Mizzen staysail @ 155 sq ft of sail area Shawn and Tenney 10" oars Canvas Dodger Custom galvanized trailer with 14-inch wheels,barring buddies, tongue jack, and spare Honda 2hp 4-stroke long shaft outboard Reinforced transom for the motor Doug actually posted a video tour of the boat on you tube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_77Cx0P1E You can either PM me here or call me at 207-553-0039.
  4. I bought the boat used so I am not sure what lumber was used.
  5. Not sure off the top of my head,. maybe 10 years. The main mast had that plastic plug with no signs of corrosion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Don't know. I need to look at the plans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I also do believe this was a freak accident and frankly has no bearing on the desire to sell. With regards to the wind/reefs I never felt overpowered and was very comfortable with the conditions. I'll see if I can attach a picture of the bottom of the mast but there is a two foot section of wood that was inside the aluminum mast base. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. On my 11th wedding anniversary no less; hope it is not a sign of things to come. Also, with my wife and kids (5 & 8) on board. All are fine but we did lose the sail to Davey Jones. We had spent the day out on the water here in Casco Bay, Portland, Maine stopping off at one island in the morning for church and then sailing off to another to have lunch and to do a little exploring. At about 4:30 we left Great Diamond Island to head home. The winds had been light all day but had picked up to about 12 knots. I had been on a port tack for about 3 miles and was just about to tack to head to the boat ramp when the mizzen mast snapped at the center thwart just above the wood plug of the aluminum mast. When the mast went over, the down haul was still attached to the bottom of the sail and the base of the mast ended up resting on the combing with the fully deployed sail acting as a sea anchor, which pulled the boat hard to port starboard causing the mainsail to violently jib. Between the mizzen sail acting as a amidships sea anchor and the uncontrolled jib, the boat was healing hard to port starboard. Fortunately I saw what was holding the mast and was able to release it quickly thus allowing me to come up into the wind. The sail was still attached to the boat via the mizzen sheet but now astern of the boat. I started the motor and hope to motor to the ramp towing the mast behind me but the 2 hp Honda couldn't handle it. I eventually just let the mizzen sheet run free of the sprit, came into the wind and doused the main. Once secured I came around but could not locate the sail. The winds were about 12 knots, with gusts about 15-18 knots. The seas were flat. I was sailing with the main sheet in hand, easing the sheet when there was a gust. I did not have, nor did I feel the need for any reefs. Now that I can inspect the remains of the mast, it appears corrosion of the aluminum was the culprit. As always, you second guess yourself and there are things I could have done differently to save the mizzen, but I was more focused on securing the safety of my family. No one got hurt nor did the boat go over; the 5 year old was crying because he got scared but the 8 year old was very helpful in keeping the boat into the wind as I doused the main. Oddly enough the wife and I had been talking just before this incident that we both felt that this boat is not the one for the family. We need one with a little more cockpit space with less going on within it. I think the boat heard us talking. In a separate post I'll be listing the boat for sale. I'll either sell it as is this fall/winter or build a new mast in the spring. At least now I have a chance to use the new sail track. Dave Hughes
  10. Don't forget about the hazards of wood dust some of which can be a carcinogen. Now when we start cutting our expensive marine ply with that waterproof glue, who knows how the hazards add up. Wear yor dust masks.
  11. I love to build but at this point in my life I just don't have the time, hence why I bought a used cs20. Good luck on the sale. For what it is worth, I would post some more photos or a link to some.
  12. Why not add ballas to the rudder to keep it down instead of a down haul?
  13. Alan Thanks the bungee rigging sounds like a good alternative but I can't seem to wrap my head around it. Could you possibly post maybe a picture or sketch?
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