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  1. I think I've come to this thread a bit late, but I am glad to see all the info and posts. We've been playing with electric boating for 35+ years and it's really a wonderful way to push a boat along! Over the years we've tried a good many trolling motors and liked the results, but have recently been using the German Torqeedo motors more. Expensive, but a LOT of features and a lot of power in a compact design. I have yet to explore their Ultralight series in person, but I think they will be a great replacement for our cut-down trolling motors we've used on both our Weekenders and the SoleXplor solar boats. I look forward to keeping an eye on this thread! Mike Stevenson
  2. Hello, all. We've been a bit remiss in updates to our site, what with one thing and another, but a new go-through of the websites has been going on and now it's a bit easier, we think. We've just received a bunch of builder photos as well, so those will go up soon also. And I am particularly happy that we just had our first order for one of the new Amphora plans! I've always had a soft spot for that design, and I had a chance to lead a workshop at Harvard recently where several of us built Amphoras, so I'm stoked that people are back building these great little boats! OK, thanks! Mike stevensonprojects.com
  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, and how my father helped you find an interesting new afternoon or several! I have hesitated to post anything on our site, but I suppose I should...I'm not quite sure why I have hesitated, but perhaps it's also not too hard to see why. At any rate, I am very, very glad he was able to touch so MANY people's lives, and I know he was happy about that too. Mike Stevenson
  4. Hello all! I posted another little video of the Skipjack sailing. It's from last Tuesday, so fairly recent! Thanks, Mike Stevenson
  5. For those of you building one of our Skipjacks, I posted a page of detail shots on how I've set mine up. A few things I changed, but most everything is stock. http://www.stevproj.com/SSkipRigging.html Thanks, Mike
  6. Great thread! Thanks for the info...
  7. The simple system just had a jam cleat to hold the motor up, and when you wanted it, a flick of the line and a quick tap of the throttle and you were going. Simple, but not much reverse, unless you reached back and held the motor down. A more complicated system was worked up which locked the motor, but released with the same simple pulling up of the line to lift the motor. Unfortunately, that system's on the boat and the boat is in Texas and I am not. I'll try to remember to take some shots when I'm back there next...
  8. Hello all: Sorry for the shameless plug, but I thought I'd open up the new sail sets pricing at the old rates until April. We're stoked that people are getting on the water wit their projects so I figured I'd encourage the launching of more boats! http://www.stevproj.com/WkndrSls.html Thanks, Mike
  9. It's been interesting getting to know this boat a bit more. It has far more cockpit room than the Weekender (as it's ALL cockpit), and is twitchier and brighter feeling (with the same rig on a boat which weighs less than half the weight), but the stately feel of the Weekender is also nice for more relaxed sailing. The mellow afternoon feel of the Weekender is really nice too (or even more so in the Pocket Cruiser!) Both have their plusses. I'll let you know when I take it down to San Diego again—I go right past Oxnard and we could sail for a couple of hours on my way past! Mike
  10. OK: I finally got a chance to post a short video of the sail on Tomales Bay in October. It was good, wet fun!
  11. Hello all, I'm taking my SSkipjack up to Sausalito tomorrow and Tomales Bay on Tuesday. If anyone's free, it'd be fun to get a couple of StevProj boats together. If not this trip, which was very last-minute, we'll set up something soon with more notice. Mike Stevenson
  12. Yep: You're going to be well-powered. Take it easily, as you get used to the boat. Nice that a Mini-Cup is heading out! Pics, please? Mike
  13. Neat solution! I'd only ever considered the Bimini as an at-rest-type shade. Nice! Mike
  14. What project is this for? I assume it's not one of ours, as we've never called for bi-ax in our plans. As to why I'd use it one something, because it adds far more stiffness than cloth. I'm assuming whatever project this is for, that they called for bi-ax for the structural properties it supplies. On our plans projects, we're only calling for glass as a weather-resistant element (as opposed to personal projects, which have certainly used bi and tri-ax for their strength.) The knitted fabrics (bi and tri-ax) are a bit harder to get into tight shapes, as compared with woven cloths, so we usually try to dry-fit things as closely as possible before beginning to mix resin. Don't try to dry-fit after you've started the reaction! Time seems to speed way up then... As I recall, xynole-type fabrics are a good alternative to thin glass cloth as a weather-beating layer. Not much for structure, though, if I remember right. Mike
  15. On the Vector rigs we just did, which are entirely equivalent to the Mini-Cup's and came from earlier boat projects, we actually went to a shorter 10' mast so we could use one of the 20' pieces cut in half for two masts. As Andrew notes, the Gaff is the tough part. I would NOT splice two pieces, but that said, we're going to try it this Spring. I know we broke attempts in the '70's, so we've avoided spliced gaffs since then. But...It'd be nice to find a way to deal with shorter tubes. Certainly longer than 2' for the joiner...I guess we'll find out in Spring!
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