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  1. I have completed the masts with the halyard block, track and turn button stop. Missing the CL211 clamcleats for the halyards. I assume there is supposed to be one for each mast. Not necessarily a good assumption I'm sure. I am concerned about the length of the halyard for both the main and mizzen. I am thinking that they need to be about twice the length of the sail track plus some five feet? I"m also assuming that there is to be one clam cleat for each mast. I am thinking, rightly or wrongly that I will want the halyards long enough and available for reefing in the sails if needs be, and thus run back into the cockpit for the main at least. The plans I have do not show the use of sail tracks so I am a bit confused by the dashed lines which represent the snotter sheets and main halyard. I increased the length of the masts much like many of you to bring the sails up and out of the cockpit to make it easier to see forward while on the water. Main is now 22.5 feet mizzen is 21.5 feet. The question is where pray tell do I install the snotter eye strap attachment? If I reverse engineer the measurements on the plans (remember these are plans printed in 2008) I am suspecting that I should install them at around 9 feet up from the base of both masts or there about. I hope I am right. If I get them installed today I can set the masts and begin the deck hardware install. It appears to me that I can run the snotter sheet from the Main back to the cockpit for adjustments and the mizzen will be right there at hand for any required adjustment underway. So close and yet still confused....................... Thanks Folks Jim Atkinson
  2. I have the transition pieces provided by Graham, Teflon I think. I have to thin them some and trim to fit the way I built my mast stops at the transitions between the mast pieces. I am wondering if I trim and fit then glue it all down with 5200 or 4200 and let set up before I rivet in place will that help? I kinda like to fit and glue and then anchor, it seems to make sense to me but I have not got a clue on this item. HELP THNX, Jim
  3. Thrillsbe sir when it come to smelling vapors this may often just mean that the mask don't fit correctly. However if you are testing with yer hands over the air ports when you don the mask and it feels as if yer tongue is getting sucked forward or yer cheeks is sucking in ya probably gots a real good seal. Iffenn yer smellen organice then ya either gots a bad seal, saturated filters or the wrong filters. All of which should say..........Hey brain......let's check out what the sam hey is goen on here and at the very least get to fresh air, increase fresh air throughput, and then find the right filters. When using high solvent with VOC compounds or potentially toxic gasses, fresh air fed breathing apparatus is the only way to go. Best to find material without this issue. Not just this last two weeks I stopped jobs where crews were compacting earth with gas powered "stompers", compacters and the CO levels hit 20 PPM in very short order folks got excited as they should have and we shut it down and evacuated all 8 or so from a pit about 5 foot deep on average. 35ppm can cause significant impairment in 30 minutes or so. 100 PPM CO can knock folks down in 30 minutes. All depends on personal physiology and condition. Some folks can take 300 ppm CO for 30 minutes before they go down and don't get up.......ever. People talk about carbon dioxide and all the crap hear about on the weather channel or the news with global warming...and other....BS! I am qualified scientist by training and experimental experience by the way... submarines routinely operate with levels from 4000 to 8000 ppm carbon dioxide atmospheric levels inside and we were all fine. Don't believe me check it out for yourself............. no discussions. Please don't screw with organics, you can get the Safety Data Sheets from the manufacturer for free on demand........do it if you have concerns. These data sheets have really good safety information and I will be glad to give a basic interpretation of any you are not sure of...NO CHARGE I promise.
  4. I will use 5200 on the rivets what else should I do on the mast and deck for hardware? I am ready to move forward and after 6 years I want it right. Thanks Jim
  5. CS 20 104 is on the ways, ready to put sail tracks on the masts. They are primed and ready, need input. Hardware placement on the deck, provide instruction and advice. I think I got it but I always measure three times, ask advice, measure two more times, look up for support, pray and drill. We are at the point of final installation. My bride says I am scared to commit and finish, but it is my BABY and the biggest project and example to my kids of what you can do and finish and use and be proud of and SMILE about for the rest of your life. You who have done, I am amazed and I will join you soon. ALL advice appreciated. I will be asking lots of questions about hardware mounting in the next few weeks. And thanks again for all the web site input and encouragement ya'll provide to each other and me. THNX Jim A
  6. Just wanted to respond the your inquiry regarding dust masks. I have found that sweat, moisture from breathing and free dust end up forming a barrier that causes the air to push around the outside of the mask more frequently than you would think. You will see it on your face inside the mask before you feel breathing issues, especially around the knobs of yer nose (nostrils for picky folks) and the corners of your mouth where moisture builds. DUST MASKS are not protection they are comfort reducing crap and that is all. Think big particle protection. I require our folks to change dust masts every hour when they take a break. I often tell them that that is sometimes not enough. There is no seal just a somewhat snug fit and as debris and moisture build up on the mask the fit is disrupted and the micro particles, which there are many, come in around the edges of the mask. Okay for some, but if you're using a dust mask until it's uncomfortable to breath through it this is not a good thing and you will blow wood boogers at the dinner table. These things are dust masks, very limited protection. There are better cheap wood dust respirator that will seal and have paper fiber filters, they have a snug fit, can be uncomfortable, some fit well and can be used for 3 to 4 hours. Without a snug foam type fit or very soft rubber, you are breathing crap you really should not breath. Have I done it..., YES way too many times and I have developed sensitivities to certain woods, including Douglas fir, some oaks, walnut for sure and a bit with hickory. I think old dry hickory loves mold spore and stuff as the grain intertwines (opinion not fact), and it does stinks spectacular at times. Just be careful and have fun. Protection is a long term issue, not a short "okay dear" I'll put on my safety glasses, (until you get the heck out of MY shop. GO WOMAN!) Think smart, your kids and grandkids are watchen us all. BEST and Be careful and safe for the family ALWAYS Jim A
  7. Im an OLD WA dude now in Louisiana, learned to sailing the sound off Tacoma. Now a CS 20 builder. I hope one of these days to drag her up to Tacoma and take my remaining brothers and sisters nephews and nieces sailing in the area. Now in Louisiana and getting ready to retire but I learned to sail out of Tacoma, a reluctant sailor at best. 9 years Navy, submarines 75 to 80. I miss that area and the rain and the wind. Used to walk the sodden beaches alone in the rain just to feel rain at the Point Defiance park. Would be cool to watch you launch and go for it. Remember climbing the cliffs at Defiance to avoid the tide and jumping into the water and cutting a cave in the face of the cliff for a fort. Pick driftwood and rocks from the beach which still have...........beautiful wet gray place, but I loved the grey and wet because no one bothered me as I sat by a fire on the sound. Best Of the Best, I will be following you! Jim Atkinson EM1 SS
  8. Peter really cool and I personally thanks ya for the inclusion of the information on the breather. Anyone using should buy multiple filters... these might be good for 3 to 4 hours tops I believe. I use goggles and duo filter half mask when I have concerns.....I couldn't grow facial hair on a bet and two weeks notice. Just fuzz that itches the crap out of my neck and sticker on the chin. Saying that I do believe that the topic is very important. I happen to be a Safety Professional, currently working in the wood products industry. We use a lot of dust masks with double head straps which improve fit and protection and we use double filter organic half masks for most particle exposures and off gassing of VOCs (volatile organic compounds like soft pine cooked resins, etc.). As to wood toxicities there are some, mostly with exotic tropical species but some issues are associate with the following woods: giant sequoia, cork oak, some maples, redwood, hemlock (investigate this group of wood before use), beech and oak. Cancers associated with working are associated with very long term exposures 30 to 45 years with no protection and are nasal passage related. Protect your self regardless of wood species. Nothing like blowing gross wood chips from yer snout at the dinner table and this type of exposure can result in high sensitivities to some wood species over even a short period of time. Head aches and sinus infections are not uncommon. Sanding fiberglass requires anyone with a lick of sense to wear excellent eye protection like snug fitting goggles or a ventilated air forced two filter hood. These hoods can be bought with a battery powered fanny pack where the air filters mount and feed the hood. Two filter half mask and goggles are fine as well. This material in the lungs is not a good thing EVER. Getting micro glass in the eyes is an irritant at the least but a large imbedded particle can be serious. Use ear plugs to keep this crap out of your ears and reduce noise levels from power tools is always recommended (said the deaf man). (ear muffs with good music can be cool and energizing as well, keep the volume reasonable even with you metal heads. If your tools are not sharp and in good repair (including: handles, shafts, grips, operating components, electrical cords, clean, grease and oil free etc., they are not tools they are HAZARDS, end of story! Background: 30 plus years including Nuclear Safety Engineer, Electrical Safety Engineer, Chemical Safety Specialist, Expert in Process Safety Management,(I don't like that expert word but it is what I did for 15 years), Safety Management in Nuclear, Oil, Chemical/Wood products including papermills. This might even why it has taken me 6 years to finish our CS 20, hull number 104. In spite off all the warnings there is a lot of great joy and fun in the adventure of working with wood. Your Safety is extremely important to you and more importantly your family Best and Be Careful Jim A
  9. I gots to float or get the goat, I don't mind sanding and buffing the deck each year keeps me from the yard work.............. a well planned approach. An excuse to clean and buff keeps me off the lawn mower and no weed wacker will touch my hands. Little green folks are already applying for the party Blessings to all
  10. I cannot express whether or no it is the building or the sailing. I sailed on a 21 foot boat as a sea scout in high school, I love it and it terrified me at the same time. The water was dark and green blue and I felt very unsafe every trip. To me it was to overcome some fear I had of the dark water............... several cruses and fine adventures until a friend went for a 1 mile swim........ when he went stiff on the water I was even more terrified and did not know what to do. Geno was(in my heart my bestest friend), I dove in and I found him and I drug him to shore, I hate the green dark water, the heavy waves and the surge that drags you from helping a friend. I was never more afraid but I found Geno and got him half frozen to the beach fire. We were all kidding around and Launch was two thousand feet or better from the beach. Geno told me he was going.............. I Hate dark water.............it did not take long for me to realize Geno was in trouble I dove in and I found him and we cried on the beach.. His greatest fear was he would not find a girl who would love him we are fool. I will own the deep blue and green when I launch my boat.. It is for Geno and ME
  11. I am doing the same, but I am using self etching Rustoleum primer and a Valspar cover. Did a lot of research and I gots to get this done. Old submarine painter and I put together an approach. He paints yard art, aluminum, iron, and steel. For aluminum he uses RustO self etching primer and two to three good light coats. We selected Valspar anti-rust for the top coat. Ivory tint oil based paint. His approach is it ain't the statue of liberty lets get this done. I sanded the stops to a fine taper and did an 80 grit sand with mineral spirit wipe and then rough broad cloth wipe with acetone then primed, all went well and smooth. Three coats about 45 minute apart and let set up for 30 hours or better. Another rough broadcloth rubdown and we did the first coat of Valspar, oil based armor paint. Using 4 inch high density foam rollers and it goes on smooth and light. We figure three coats. I want to keep it thin but complete coverage. It looks good and it is efficient, still a bit tacky and when dry for 24 hours we'll sand 120 grit and do second coat and repeat for third coat. Next step will be sail tracks and hardware on the boat. We are arranging for 12 Bonniffied.........Certttiffffffied ...........and Homeland Security approved Lepppprrrechannnns to perform some magic on a full moon to lift the boat onto the trailer. We are figuring to have lots of drums, bagpipes, green beer and a huge bonfire as some Irish fairies magically elevate the boat to its preferred resting place onto the trailer. We will weep tears of joy, my bride will cancel the Viking funeral where I was to be the primary guest and "toasted" celebrity if this is not launched. That would be a hot night that I would not look forward to, 6 years of effort brings us to this point and it had been a great adventure. I plan on a light sand on her decks, bright mahogany stain and 6 coats of hard floor varnish. Touch up the hull paint a bit for brightness and . we'll take a picture or two and post. Blessings to all Jim Atkinson Maria CS 20 104
  12. The Saga of Maria CS 20 104......a continuing blessing and project: A hey and God's blessings to all and I am glad we are back and getting close. Don't really remember when we started this adventure but I think I got the plans in 2008 and cut first wood in 2009. Hull folded in late summer of the same year and all fillets in placed and glassed on the interior. Summer in Louisiana comes in hot in August so we cut and fitted pieces but did not continue assembly until about April in 2010 when we continued with the build. Life got in the way but the dream never died, the hull stared at me every day when I could not do much due to cost and unemployment. My bride had made sure I got most of my needed materials in the beginning but working alone it was the best de-stressor I have ever experienced. Took my time and spent lots of time pondering as I built and beefed up some parts and pieces and built furniture for grand children and did house repairs. Went to WAY northern Maine, incredibly BEAUTIFUL state, hiked and hiked and drove over 2000 miles to see all I could while working in Madawaska at a paper mill for a year. Mother in Law got sick I came home to Louisiana and spent 8 months working in Arkansas, another beautiful state. The HULL continued to stare at me as I left at 5:00 am and returned at 5:30 pm. The hull was lonely and I would often pat her on the bottom and let her know I still loved her and we would be together as soon as possible. I found you cannot do a wife or a mistress ( boat) any good when you've only got an hour or two each day after eating, sleeping , chores and repairs with grandbabies rolling at your feet and living in your house. I of course insisted that the babies had their cribs and cradles in our room where PaPa could tuck them in at night after I got to bath them (my wife and I fought over who got that honor). I was blessed to get them up and changed in the morning, cleaned and rediapered and fed and then tucked back in with grandma before I headed off to anything I could find to bring in a few bucks. Things were not as difficult as I might seem to make out, we were just damned busy being a family. The father of these babies is in the Navy and was on West PAC, twice during this time and we were blessed to have our youngest daughter and her boys here with us. This was as joyous a time as I can ever recall in all our life and we gets more of them and more of them. All in all the hull and deck came together and I had some help here and there. Looked great and built wooden masts ( incorrectly, they will become flag poles, home made of course). Mother in Law went to be with the Lord, she was with us full time for 8 years and God what an amazing LADY she challenged us and blessed us in every way. We were LUCKY to have her with us for as long as we did, I think our kids learned more about what a family is and does and should be in those years she was here and we all participated in her life and meeting her needs as she prepared to see our Lord. She made us a full family of four generations under one hood as it were, now we are the third generation in this household as our children and grandchildren surround us. So why do I expound upon our life and my dream of a boat.............because it is good to have a dream and ...because life gets in the way! Then I and you deal with it and we make our priorities the right ones, and the dream is still there waiting and we NEVER give it up. We just keep the priorities straight and the rest can and I believe will happen if you stay focused on the right things at the right time, as much as you can. I can also promise I did not always want the priorities to be the ones that had to be, it made me MAD as HECK....OFTEN. Frustrating, Oh my goodness... yer DARN RIGHT......so what! I discovered, (not that I did not already know it) that it was not about me, and it ain't about you, it is about yer family, the work that takes care of them and then maybe it can be about your dream. Get it right and you can have them both, the dream may change a bit, the time line might shift a bit... or some............. or more than you want or expect.............or you change and find a different but the right balance and when you don't even realize it, the dream drops back into your lap because you did the right things. You honored your God and Your family first. It happened to me! I just recently ( several months back actually) bought the mast kit for the CS20 they are amazing and I got them built over a period of several months, this was after I gave our Graham a serious case of the moans (per Carla by the way) when he read my post about my home made wooden mast, un-tapered and home modified. I am glad he moaned and responded quickly and they got me squared away and I bought the kits and other necessary materials to continue the quest. We built the masts, they are amazing, we did the bushings and the stops and we fitted them together and they are so cool and so aligned. Life jumped in and we found the cabinets under the sinks were rotting and needed attention, we fixed them and then we redid all the counter tops in the kitchen with quartz stone backsplashes. I did redo the boat decking during this time, stripped and sanded the surface, re-stained and resealed and it looks amazing and we, by the by, have never launched my mistress.... yet..........SUCKS.....yes but I got to be with her, caress her surface and protect her spirit when I refinished the deck, and she looks really great. Then life got in the way and I went to Montana for most of this last summer to complete a work project........life just gets in the way. This week to jump into the future........we put the masts into the boat and they align port and starboard, fore and aft, with a bit of twisting and a little encouragement. A bit of alignment is needed to make the 3 degree rake, but we will do it. You, ME, those who build these beautiful beasts, we do IT! The masts are beautiful but without tracks, although we have them and we are figuring out what is next. We have the materials and the technology and the know how and we move forward at a pace that is never fast enough, but it is forward. Somewhere in there, in the middle of our confusion and drama, Carla needed prayers as did several others and we all, the B&B community, came together and prayed together as a FAMILY, and we held each other in our hope love and strength and we lifted each other up...so here we are, still lifting each other up, thank goodness and thank GOD!. This community is one unbelievable group of folks, dedicated to each other in fulfilling a dream, finding friendships, and to a common idea that supporting each other in life and in our hopes it what is most important. That is an amazing part of what this web site has become, at least to me and our family, and I thank you all for that connection. Blessings to each and every one of you! Here is where I leave the building issues of our post for the moment... I had a stroke a week or so ago, don't know when it actually happened, I was at work when I realized my whole right side had gone numb dead center from R shoulder to R foot along my sternum and down my spine, really weird to say the least, and I am unable to support myself on my right leg for long periods. I was scheduled to be in three plants doing what I do as a Safety Director for three plants and then a few more. I spent four days in the hospital and found I'd had a brain stem stroke, very minor but I cannot walk correctly, R side much affected but I can deal with it for the most extents, just not comfortable, but I can work on the boat and it gives me comfort and purpose. I really need to be at work and that is a giant YUK city because I love what I do, especially protecting our people. Then, because I cannot be at work on site I had to keep busy and......what happened next is I got to mount my masts, and work on a house full of needed items which were way overdue. We, K and I got them done and had a fine time spending the effort to complete them and the house items look amazing. I have full control of my speech and thought processes and although I find it a bit difficult to walk much, still have R arm and leg issues, I do get around good. I can work on the boat and align the masts and we are getting ready to put the sail tracks on and do 4 coats of varnish on the decks and repaint the entire interior of the boat with a very nice ivory oil based paint finish and the put it on the trailer. I know it doesn't sound perfect, but I have mostly full function and my wife and I are safe and happy and I (we) can finish the boat, I think that is why I am where I am and I get to do this finally. My belief, my dream, and my prayers, I am spending this time with my wife of 32 years and although we are moving forward a bit slower because of the challenges, it works, we work, the dream progresses.......is life perfect....................NO! So WHAT...........always priorities! Keep the faith, I know I am OKAY with my GOD and my family, yes they are worried but we will move forward and I will be okay and I will get to launch........GOD is good, life is good, we are not in control............just keep your priorities......................ALL GOD's blessings to each of you! I think, for me is that the whole point of this post is that all works to the best of His purpose and I know all will be well in His time and I get to ponder and work at a pace that maybe I should have been at a long time ago. I have my faith, my family: my wife, children, grandchildren, our dreams and goofy as it seems, our boat and we will launch..................all things in His time. ANd I have you folks on this post where I go and share my dreams and get to share your dreams and the progress of your lives and dreams..........pretty powerful and amazing stuff. Keeps me full of hope! I am happy and still in love with a wonderful woman after 32 plus years and I would tell y'all.........NEVER GET DISCOURAGED, go for it all with GUSTO, but keep our priorities aligned and all will be well! Blessings to all, I will post pictures of my blue water mistress as soon as I can..............just give me a month or so! Jim Atkinson EM1, SS, United States Navy 1972 - 1981 dream never dies!
  13. WOW..................so cool, congrats and have fun, I hope to build for my daughter and three grandsons as my next boat project. Currently finishing CS 20 just got mast kits and am refinishing boat deck so I can install the hardware, we are close to getting the bottom wet. Great Pics thanks for posting Jim A
  14. Im back and in the saddle on this mind blowing project. After two man years of building (five calendar years, started in June 1999 with first cuts and hull foldup and glassing up the seams). I got my hardware this last Friday, boy am I excited. I am working on finishing the masts. They will be 19' 10" for the mizzen and 20' 6" for the main. They are birds mouth of Douglas fir and are right about 3 1/4 inches in diameter. I and sanding and tapering the ends down but I an not sure how much I have to taper. On the base they will be sanded down to a bit under 3" so I can fiberglass the bottom three feet for a bit more strength. I intend to taper the tops down to just under 3" for the top 6 feet. I know this is not the right taper per the plans because in my hast I made the staves the same from bottom to top and ended up with two 22 foot wooden pipes. I power planed them down to get the edges off and reduce the octagonal nature of the masts. I then hand planed to rough 3 3/8ths diameter, not perfect but really close. I made sanders out of 4 inch PVC pipe, cut to 18 inch lengths and then cut in half length wise. So I ended up with 4 18" half pipe sanders, put two screen door handles on their backs and then sprayed rubber cement on the inside curve. Once the glue was just tacky I put soft neoprene in different thicknesses to vary the inside diameter from 3 1/2" to 3". These have worked really well and the turkey wings on my arms are almost gone from all the hand sanding. The masts look great but I am worried that I may need to taper even more. Should I taper more than the top 6 feet? the largest diameter in 3 1/4" starting above the base three feet and up to the last six feet where I am tapering them down to just under 3" for the last 3 feet. The Douglas fir I am using is completely knot and pitch free, very tight rings (24 to 40 rings per inch). Any Input will be greatly appreciated. I am hoping for my sail tracks this next week from Carla and I am researching all the pictures from you folks for the correct placement of hardware on the deck. I am really encouraged that we will launch right on my 60th birthday. What a present that will be for my wife Karen and I. I am afraid if I don't get it launched, Karen will put it in the large swimming pool in the back yard and hold a Viking Funeral with me as the main guest. Thanks All Jim
  15. Hokey, congrats to your granddaughter (?) That is one of the most difficult programs to get through in the Navy. I know from personal experience. The standards are very high as is the drop out rate. Next I guess is prototype school. I did 9 years, 5 on subs. It served me well when I got out. You can tell her from me that when she is done with school any university classes will never be as demanding or difficult and she should sign up for classes whenever she can, well worth it. Again congrats to her and her classmates. Ex Navy Nuc Jim
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